Road Town, British Virgin Islands, June 7, 2022 — Yesterday, the decentralized crypto asset management platform Pollen marked the mainnet launch of Pollen Virtual — a trading simulation tool for users to create, manage and delegate virtual portfolios, generating signals for the upcoming asset-backed Pollen Indexes. 

Pollen Virtual’s launch was voted in by a 99% majority of PLN tokenholders, per Pollen’s decentralized autonomous organization structure (DAO). 

Pollen Virtual, after two years’ development and six months’ active testing by 7,000-plus community members, lets users test trading strategies in a sandbox environment, encouraging them to compete and earn reputation and PLN token rewards. It builds on existing, token reward-driven trading-simulation concepts thanks to its proprietary reputation scoring algorithm and delegation features, letting top traders showcase their abilities and those less confident entrust PLN to top performers for an 80% profit share. 

Despite being a standalone product, Pollen Virtual lays the foundation for the Pollen ecosystem as a circular, self-perpetuating asset-management mechanism to be completed with Pollen Indexes. By incentivizing virtual trading via PLN rewards, Pollen harvests traders’ collective intelligence and converts it into signals for the asset-backed, community-driven Pollen Indexes launching by this year’s fourth quarter. 

“We are developing a living, breathing asset management ecosystem run by a hivemind — truly decentralized, community-driven and meritocratic. The launch of Pollen Virtual is a first impulse, which sets this hivemind’s cogs in motion,” said Philip Verrien, co-founder and project lead of Pollen. “That our community voted so overwhelmingly in favor of bringing this product to market gives us all the more confidence that Pollen is on the right track.”

Pollen Virtual boasts a 106-million PLN reward pool to be distributed over four years. It’s accessed at and requires users to stake a one-PLN minimum to create a portfolio or start delegating. 

About Pollen

Pollen was founded in 2021 as a first-of-its-kind decentralized crypto asset-management suite where the community holds all the power. Operated by the merit-based Pollen DAO, its governance protocol leverages users’ collective intelligence to curate asset pools in a system letting all participants benefit from the contributions of top-performing traders. Pollen’s core offering comprises virtual portfolio and asset-backed index management tools, due to launch on the mainnet in the second and third quarters of 2022. 

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