Road Town, British Virgin Islands, June 1, 2022 — Decentralized crypto asset management platform Pollen announced today that Pollen Virtual — the first and foundational module of its collective intelligence-driven trading suite — would launch on the mainnet via a community vote held between Friday, June 3 and Monday, June 6. The move will jumpstart Pollen’s ecosystem and the Pollen decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), establishing the project as truly community-powered from the onset.

The vote is open to all PLN tokenholders and will start at midnight UTC on Friday, June 3, on the Pollen voting app. Each PLN staked as part of the voting process will count as one vote. If a simple majority of more than 50% of participating PLN tokenholders vote in favor of the launch by 11:59 UTC on Monday, June 6, the Pollen DAO contract, along with Pollen Virtual, will be deployed on the mainnet within 24 hours. 

“After nearly two years of building, we are confident that Pollen is mainnet-ready and capable of fulfilling its mission to democratize asset management,” said Philip Verrien, co-founder and project lead of Pollen. “Still, delegating this decision to the community is the best way forward if Pollen is to be wholly and truly decentralized from day one. We hope to see our confidence and enthusiasm reflected in PLN tokenholders’ votes on June 6.”

Pollen Virtual, currently available on the testnet as a pre-release, will be the first product Pollen brings to the mainnet. Building on existing trading simulator concepts to create a circular and self-perpetuating asset management ecosystem, it introduces meritocratic reputation scoring and PLN token rewards. In doing so, it encourages traders to compete against each other in outperforming the market in a sandbox environment while harvesting collective intelligence for the asset-backed Pollen Indexes due to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022. 

A positive vote on June 6 will trigger an activation process, whereby the voting launcher contract will deploy the Pollen DAO and vePLN contracts necessary to run Pollen Virtual and set a Pollen multi-signature wallet as the admin. Once a Pollen governance portal is developed over the coming months, this multi-signature wallet will renounce its admin rights to the deployed Pollen DAO contract. 

In the event of a tie or the majority voting against a launch, a second vote will be initiated following a round of community feedback and any ensuing adjustments to Pollen Virtual. 

About Pollen

Pollen was founded in 2021 as a first-of-its-kind decentralized crypto asset management suite where the community holds all the power. Operated by the merit-based Pollen DAO, its governance protocol leverages users’ collective intelligence to curate asset pools in a system that enables all participants to benefit from the contribution of the top-performing traders. Pollen’s core offering comprises virtual portfolio and asset-backed index management tools, due to launch on the mainnet in the second and third quarters of 2022. 

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