Tallinn, Estonia, March 7, 2023 – After raising more than $100,000 in under 24 hours from its private sale, leading trading signals provider, AltSignals, is launching its highly anticipated public ASI Token (ASI) presale today (March 7, 2023) at 12 pm Greenwich Mean Time. This follows the exciting announcement of ActualizeAI, a pioneering artificial intelligence (AI)-powered trading tool that will soon be available to ASI holders. With the token providing access to the groundbreaking tool, demand is expected to be high when the presale opens.

There are 500 million ASI tokens in total, with 58% of these being made available during the presale event. The opening price is $0.012 per token, which will rise incrementally through the five stages of the presale to $0.02274 in the final stage — an almost 90% increase from the starting price. The number of tokens available in each stage will decrease as the presale continues, with 25% allocated to the opening round and just 7% in the closing stage.


With a community of 52,000 traders already behind AltSignals, news of the ASI presale has received an extremely warm reception. The exclusive members-only presale raised over $100,000 in under 24 hours, in a promising precursor for the public presale. The native investment opportunity will allow AltSignals to put into motion the development of its innovative ActualizeAI trading stack and amplify the accuracy of the trading signals it delivers.

ASI tokenholders will be granted exclusive access to an AI trading indicator set to supercharge trading signals through machine learning, predictive modeling and natural language processing, as per the plans laid out in the white paper. AltSignals is dedicated to continually improving the volume and accuracy of the signals it provides, and its ActualizeAI tool will truly set it apart from other trading platforms.

Rod Phim, CEO at AltSignals, said:

“The development of ActualizeAI could change the game for trading across the markets. We’re really excited to begin the product development that should see our signal accuracy go through the roof as we harness the power of AI to make more accurate predictions.”

Established in 2017, AltSignals first found its fame in the trading community for its AltAlgo™ indicator, which uses predictive modeling and technical analysis to combine trading strategies and provide traders with optimal buy and sell opportunities.

The community has grown exponentially over the past five years, with users from all over the world relying on and trusting the daily signals AltSignals provides on forex, crypto, Binance Futures, contracts for difference and shares. A wealth of trading reports are available on the AltSignals website, demonstrating the transparency and success of the platform.

Backtests from AltSignals indicators have shown an incredible 70–83% success rate on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) trades, so it is no surprise that traders continue to return to AltSignals for essential trading alpha and to maintain an edge in the markets. The platform is also backed by almost 500 excellent reviews on Trustpilot, with an average score of 4.9/5.

AltSignals is offering investors holding certain levels of tokens lifetime access to the upcoming ActualizeAI signals service once it has been developed. This “AI Members Club” will allow members to beta-test new tools and earn ASI tokens for their contributions to the club.

The high-utility ASI token is shaping up to be a valuable asset that will unlock indispensable trading tools and alpha for its holders. With the impending launch of ActualizeAI, a tool poised to provide life-changing trading opportunities, demand for the ASI token is expected to be high once the presale opens.

Those interested in participating in the AltSignals presale can do so here.

About AltSignals

AltSignals has been providing leading algorithm-based indicators and signals to its 52,000 members since 2017. Priding itself on transparency, the strength of its service and indicators is backed up by almost 500 excellent reviews on Trustpilot, with an average score of 4.9/5.

AltSignals is most known for its cutting-edge AltAlgo™ indicator tool. This innovative trading indicator tool scans the market in real time and shows traders at what price is optimal to buy and sell.

In 2023, it announced plans to develop an AI-based trading algorithm to supercharge its current suite of tools, named “ActualizeAI.”

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