In 2022, critics questioned the utility of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). This year, the team behind the exciting A Hard Working Man (AHWM) digital collectibles project is putting those doubts to bed.

In collaboration with crypto media powerhouse Cointelegraph and metaverse entertainment company Animal Concerts, the recording artists of the hit single “A Hard Working Man” are dropping an NFT collection. The collection features hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg and country music mogul Billy Ray Cyrus and is based on the ethos of the song they released with Grammy-award-winning producers The Avila Brothers.

The song “A Hard Working Man” honors the blue collar workers of the world, without whom the world would — without exaggeration — cease to function at its current capacity. It’s not everyday that genre-defining recording artists partner to promote such a noble cause, but somehow the AHWM team has managed to bring these legends together for a digital collectible release.

To add to the excitement of the NFT drop and ensure real-world utility for its owners, the AHWM team has paired these NFTs with incredible giveaways. For example, meet-and-greets with Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus, flyaway packages to Los Angeles, exclusive metaverse concert tickets and hundreds of gift cards are just some of the premium perks and redeemables available for people who own an AHWM NFT!

Mark your calendars

For all the hustlers and overachievers out there keen on adding an AHWM digital collectible to their collection, don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to lock in a presale discount on the NFT’s purchase price. From January 25 to February 10, 2023, A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Passes will be available to the public.

Buying one of these limited-quantity passes will provide purchasers with a token that serves as a proof of purchase for the AHWM official mint. Blue Collar Pass holders will receive a free AHWM NFT airdropped to the wallet holding the Blue Collar Pass at the time of the snapshot. There are two separate editions for the presale passes that pair with the respective AHWM NFT editions: Blue Collar Pass – Hustler Edition and Blue Collar Pass – Overachiever Edition. Because the passes are priced below the mint price of the actual NFTs, it locks in a discount for the pass holder.

In addition to the out-of-this-world giveaways for AHWM NFT holders, Blue Collar Pass owners will also be eligible for future AHWM and Animal Concerts NFT drops, receive exclusive access to the private Blue Collar Discord channel and keep the Blue Collar Pass in their NFT collection in perpetuity. For all the latest information about the passes and the project, check out the AHWM Discord channel.

A new way to experience music

Blockchain technology has forced society to challenge its concept of digital engagement, daring people to consider new ways to interact with the existing online infrastructure.

The AHWM NFT team and its utility-packed digital collectibles are iterating on this new frontier of Web3 with an emphasis on the music entertainment industry. Building off its past successes with metaverse performances, Animal Concerts is providing a novel way to enjoy songs and experience live performances with other community members.

In this new musical Web3 experience, NFTs and metaverse events go hand in hand. In the AHWM NFT collection, The Avila Brothers, Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop Dogg present utility-packed NFTs that unlock exclusive experiences, prizes and getaways.

Be part of the new movement of music in Web3 and honor the hardworking people of the world and claim your A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Pass - Hustler Edition by clicking here, or the Overachiever Edition by clicking here.

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Animal Concerts is reinventing the future of live events and the music ecosystem. From interactive metaverse shows to immersive live events, the next-generation entertainment platform is transforming the fan experience and democratizing the music industry through the introduction of Web3 technologies spanning NFTs, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies and more. To date, Animal Concerts has collaborated with world-renowned artists including Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes, Diplo, Future and Snoop Dogg to create personalized, unforgettable moments and content.

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