The analytical service Profit Chief, widely known in the CIS crypto community, is launching a large-scale airdrop on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Anyone can participate and get any amount of the GRB stablecoin for free.

Profit Chief was created by the well-known Russian crypto trader Pavel Gromov, who is the author of several informational and analytical telegram channels: Crypto Chief, Altseason, Margin and Gromov Says, with a total number of subscribers of more than 100,000 people. The Profit Chief service offers its clients trading signals, investment notes, as well as insurance against a decline in Bitcoin’s exchange rate. To use the platform’s services, clients must purchase an internal Grom token (GR) token, which was added to the Uniswap decentralized exchange in October and has already grown 250 times during this time. Also, the GR token was added to the Trezor hardware wallet and to the MyEtherWallet browser wallet.

An airdrop of the GRB stablecoin, a new token of the Profit Chief service, is planned for March 10 and 11 on the cryptocurrency exchange The distribution will be officially announced together with the listing of the token on the exchange. The GRB stablecoin will be used in the new Private Exchange service to support the crypto-fiat gateway. To participate in the airdrop, users must have GR tokens in their account. The more GR tokens on your balance, the more GRB stablecoin will be credited. In order to avoid coin sales immediately after the airdrop, funds will increase gradually on users’ balances. The GRB/GR tokens proportion, as well as the exact date of the airdrop, will be announced on the official website of Profit Chief.

About the Profit Chief service

Profit Chief’s analytical service was created in the spring of 2020 by famous Russian trader Pavel Gromov, the author of several informational and analytical telegram channels and the author of many educational articles in Russian media. The main tools of the platform are:

  • Trading signals: Since the service launched, customers have received more than 600 profitable trades, which is nine times more than the number of unprofitable trades.
  • Investment notes.
  • Insurance against the decrease of Bitcoin’s exchange rate.
  • “Private exchange” and “Lending” services will be launched in the near future.

Contrary to the negative opinion and attitude toward trading signal services, Profit Chief has been operating for almost a year, bringing profit to its customers, and successfully developing, creating and implementing new services. Today, Profit Chief is not just an analytical service but a full-fledged fintech project.