The investment will help Project SEED to fulfill its mission of making the gaming metaverse ecosystem and bringing the blockchain gaming industry to the next level.

November 1, 2021 - Project SEED, a gaming metaverse ecosystem, has successfully closed its private funding round valued at $3.1 million. This funding initiative was participated by up to 40 leading venture capitalists and partners in the crypto industry, enabling Project SEED to take momentous steps at driving the next steps for this blockchain gaming multiverse. Up to now, Project SEED is also pleased to have received investment and funding offers from several partners that are 33x times more than our initial goal.

Founded by seasoned experts in both blockchain and gaming, Project SEED is a GameFi ecosystem built by a AAA Game Studio that utilizes multichain hybrid technology and integrates Game Hub, GameFi, DAO, E-Sports and Growth Program. The platform aims to disrupt and revolutionize the current market, facilitating a mainstream adoption of this technology through the world of gaming.

The Project SEED team is well-poised for the future after this private investment round. Totaling at $3.1 million, the funding was allocated by tier 1 investors of Huobi Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Cipholio, Solana Capital, and BlackEdge Capital. Other high-profile venture capitalists have also participated in this funding round, including Basics Capital, UG Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Minted Lab and a series of up to 30 other investment firms from 10++ countries. Backed by this caliber of preeminent partners in the blockchain industry, Project SEED continues to accelerate our revolutionary development with confidence.

“We expect to see a full-fledged Project SEED under this new milestone of a driving momentum from our prestigious partners. The world can prepare for a game-changer in the near future,” said Liko Subakti, CEO of Project SEED.

Focusing on closing the gap between the traditional and blockchain gaming industries, Project SEED has been proven to be on the right track. Our upcoming IDO will be launched at 12 pm UTC Nov 9, 2021 on duo-blockchain (Solana and BSC) to provide a seamless experience to different blockchain users, laying the foundation for further roadmap development in the future.