Pulse Bomber, a new token and crypto mining platform, has just launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has big plans to be a first mover to PulseChain, once the highly anticipated network launches in a few months. 

The team behind Pulsebomber understands the impact that effective marketing can bring to a new project. Through their innovative tokenomics model, it can sustain the marketing efforts for the long haul. The project has an ambitious roadmap ahead with a planned nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, NFT gaming, staking opportunities and the scheduled PulseChain bridge. 

Released only days ago and with a low market cap of under $500,000, the project has significant return potential for new investors. Considering the project’s current offering with the mining platform, their roadmap, marketing budget and tokenomics in conjunction with the current price, a potential 10, 20, or even 50X from here could feasibly be seen.

The Pulse Bomber Miner

Pulse Bomber brings with its release a revolutionary new crypto mining platform that allows users to hire their own miners to generate their own high return on investment (ROI) passive income. The Pulse Bomber Miner provides an average of 10% daily ROI with up to 3,650% APR. This ROI may vary based on the current smart contract balance, but the sustainability of this 10% return is what the project aims for with the platform’s creation. 

Within each 24-hour window, users must return to either claim their rewards or hire additional miners to maintain the highest ROI. Users who fail to do so will see the efficiency of the miners they have employed begin to decline. 

There are some fees associated with the service with a 5% deposit fee and a 25% withdrawal fee but zero fees for users inside the application. All fees are deposited directly into the liquidity pool to benefit the platform’s users by helping fund the platform itself.

The buyback and burn tokenomics

The burn feature makes up a significant amount of the native token PULSEBOMBER tokenomic mechanics, with 10% of all buys and sells allocated to the feature. Unlike standard burn mechanics seen in other tokenomic models, when a burn takes place the tokens are purchased from the open market to then be removed from the supply.

Pulse Bomber’s marketing protocol

Pulse Bomber’s tokenomics were created to sustain growth for the long term. The project has a significant and dedicated approach to marketing with a tokenomics protocol that converts the tokens from taxes to Binance Coin (BNB) and are then assigned to the dedicated marketing wallet.

Pulse Bomber and Coinpresso’s strategic partnership

Pulse Bomber

Pulse Bomber has just announced a strategic partnership with Coinpresso — an expert SEO and crypto PR agency. Coinpresso is a leader in the crypto marketing field and is assisting Pulse Bomber from start to finish by providing the knowledge and expertise to bring the project from a new and up and comer to a well-known mainstay.

The news alone created a 20% increase in price when the word got out and with the help of Coinpresso, they will be using effective marketing and SEO strategies to increase brand awareness, increase the user base and, in turn, increase the market cap to reach the 100 million dollar target. Putting Pulse Bomber in front of every potential investor is the goal and rewarding them with high ROI rewards is how they plan to keep them.

The New Website Has Just Gone Live - Pulsebomber.com

The new website and home for Pulse Bomber has just gone live - Pulsebomber.com has been completed in line with the SEO strategy, completely optimized, streamlined and updated to reflect the direction of the project. The website will include weekly blogs, informational pages and all the information that investors are seeking about the Pulse Bomber project.

Pulse Bombers short term roadmap to early 2022

Pulse Bombers

The project has only been released for a few short days but the foundation for sustainable growth has already been created and proven. It is a large marketing budget along with expert assistance from Coinpresso with a solid use case with their crypto miner and an experienced team who have large but achievable goals. There are plans to launch a bridge with PulseChain as soon as it becomes available, as well as a complete staking platform, NFT marketplace and NFT gaming, are detailed and well thought out.

Altbase, an altcoin exchange and application on iOS and Android, have announced an upcoming listing that aims to allow potential investors an easy option for purchasing the PULSEBOMBER token. This listing is expected to take place in the coming weeks and more listings for the token are soon to be announced.

The team behind the project, with the help of Coinpresso and now Altbase, have big but realistic goals but also have the expert leadership and sufficient expenditure to achieve them. In an industry where most projects only realize the importance of branding and effective marketing after the inevitable hype dies and sell-off occurs, seeing one with this focus from the very beginning is a good signal to get in early while the price is still considerably low.



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Curtis Ramsay