On-chain reputation is a widely discussed topic in the crypto community. Ethereum, Linea (Consensys) and Base (Coinbase) have recently proclaimed on-chain reputation applications as a key ecosystem priority. Just like reputation in the offchain world (credit scores, education or professional credentials etc.), on-chain reputation shall play a vital role in making social interactions on blockchain safe, transparent, and convenient. In doing so, it would pave the way towards the mass adoption of the technology.

Pythia has recognized the importance of reputation to Web3 and decided to focus on a particular niche of Web3 in dire need of a reputation standard, the crypto content creator space.

Why does the content creator space need a reputation standard?

Crypto content creators and influencers are the middlemen that communicate key industry developments and trends to the general public. However, presently, the space is infested with scammers and fake gurus, whose understanding of the industry and crypto markets is limited at best and whose advice is often harmful to the average user.

Ultimately, the widespread presence of scammers and unqualified shills is damaging to the wider industry, undermining investor confidence and turning the public against crypto.

Pythia’s solution to identify and empower quality content creators

Pythia leverages prediction markets and cryptography to develop a reputation standard to identify and empower truly qualified content creators. Pythia enables crypto influencers to earn soulbound Reputation Tokens (RTs) for correctly crypto market and other crypto industry trends.

Reputation Tokens represent the content creators' track record in tokenized form. They can be easily integrated into the content creator’s social media profiles (e.g. Lens, Twitter) in a similar manner to the Blue Checkmark and are a powerful positive signal increasing the content creator’s ability to attract followers.

Pythia has partnered with Kleros and Chainlink to support its prediction market resolution.

Join Pythia now and build your reputation!

Pythia is live on Arbitrum. You can access our platform here: pythia.company.

If you are a content creator, you can participate in two ways:

  1. Join Pythia and make predictions in our markets.
  2. Join Pythia’s discord and suggest new markets for the platform.

For more details, feel free to browse our user guide.

What next?

Pythia's reputation platform is an important milestone in the industry’s drive towards building a more transparent and safe ecosystem for its present and future users.

But we have so much more in store for you. Pythia’s subsequent plans include developing an expert marketplace on top of its reputation platform to allow qualified crypto content creators and influencers reap further monetary benefits. We are already in talk with a number of established and nascent Web3 companies to provide this service.

Such Web3 companies are hungry for quality crypto influencers to guide and promote their projects. Guided by an experienced team with background in McKinsey data science, multi-million dollar hedge fund, and Oxbridge, Pythia will enable projects to find the right person for their goals.

To learn more about Pythia, follow us on Twitter @PythiaOfficial and Medium and join our discord!

If you are a protocol looking for ambassadors, advisors, or simply Web3 experts contact us at nikita.kravchenko@pythia.company.