GlobeHeads is a new official nonfungible token (NFT) collection from QAO (Qualified Autonomous Organization) which will be minted on Oct. 21. The tokens are described as 8-bit creatures with 83 specific rarity parameters who will live among many other NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The team has confirmed to us that they will deploy using the Polygon layer to reduce fees.

Their roadmap includes games to be exclusively playable by NFT holders with play-to-earn functions. From their website, we can learn that they come initially as 8-bit creatures, but that it will be possible to evolve them up to nine levels 

QAO has also built NFT trading cards obtainable by burn-to-mint, which will be usable in games. We are seeing many innovations in the field of NFTs and what QAO is building is very promising. 

It is interesting to see a governance token launching its NFT collection to leverage the sustainability of its community.

GlobeHeads are limited to 9000 mints and are set to have their own DAO, which will be built by QAO, so we are confident for the future of the development of their games and tokenomics.

GlobeHeads are promising for the NFT space as they are the first of their kind to allow holders to evolve their NFTs to other NFTs in an in-game process. The team has already started creating an MMORPG with quests to be played solo or by multiple players. 

A lot of sneak peeks have already been revealed on their newly launched website:

We are looking forward to the launch of GlobeHeads on OpenSea as a very strategic move from QAO to unite NFTs to DeFi.

According to volume data from Dune analytics, OpenSea has recorded monthly volume figures of $3.3bn – approximately 1m ETH – for August.

The record-breaking volume recorded for August overshadows the volume for July of $325m by more than 900% and marks the exponential rise in NFT interest throughout August.

More information about QAO:

QAO is a governance token that was launched at the beginning of May with a well-detailed roadmap. The main purpose of the token is the ability to stake and vote for the ecosystem to be optimized from the choices of its community while earning passive income from it proportionally to their long-term loyalty to the network, with the most committed 10-years stakers being the most rewarded. They plan to migrate from Ethereum to their blockchain in the future, which is something to which we are looking forward. 

QAO has surpassed many cryptocurrencies from their launch in May after their governance was up +8 000% since inception. This is the result of strong community growth and a token with real utility.

The staking smart contracts already have a 223B QAO locked with 90% for 10 years, which proves the loyalty of the majority of the holders. As their goal is to expand the development team and keep pushing code for the automation of more rewards pools, we wish success to their growing organization.

From our research, here is the list of rewards they plan to implement:

  • NFT Minting Fees and Secondary Sales Fees on Opensea (New)
  • Stakers Tax Fee
  • Rewards from QAO Community Shop(NFTs, Merch) Fees
  • Rewards from Community Arbitrage Bot Profits
  • Rewards from QAO Community Immutable Lottery Fees
  • Rareswap Fees
  • Rarepool Fees

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