Cryptocurrency exchange Alfacash has been moving faster since its last rebranding and has recently added new features. Now, users can exchange fiat-to-crypto instantly and securely via any credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard) and the Visa Qiwi Wallet.

For years, acquiring cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card has been inconvenient, but Alfacash has successful experience working with leading payments processing providers, an understanding of online fraud detection tools, and advanced automated verification powered by Sumsub to streamline the entire experience.

The new process makes every transaction easy and smooth. To keep customers safe, they need to be verified in order to exchange fiat-to-crypto.

Decentralization is important, but liquidity and use cases are essential as well to spread cryptocurrency adoption. That’s why users need reliable platforms that connect both worlds. That way, they’ll be able to access cryptocurrency by using any payment method available. Of course, the most popular payment method is still bank accounts and bank cards. Alfacash makes everything simple; all you need to do is choose a recipient or bank card to make an exchange.

Deposits, withdrawals and payouts between cryptocurrencies and Qiwi are ready for use. And every time you buy or sell crypto through the Visa Qiwi Wallet, Alfacash ensures instant automatic exchanges at a fixed rate.

Handy features:

  • Physical Qiwi Visa card for offline payments.
  • Secure online purchase via the free virtual Visa card.
  • Visa Qiwi Wallet App on smartphones and tablets.
  • Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw 20+ cryptocurrencies with Visa and Mastercard (debit and credit) instantly, including Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and more.

More in the future:

  • Support for international bank cards worldwide (pay-in/pay-out features).
  • Our own card program by 2021.
  • Discounts, special programs and more surprises.

Find the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here. Alfacash is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency or transfer funds to a bank account at minimum cost.

Alfacash team