QORPO Game Studio has been rapidly expanding its horizons, reaching deep into the world of Web3, games, esports and NFTs. Merging all offerings under one roof, the European blockchain developer has sealed its ambitions by introducing QORPO World. With its top-tier games, esports platform, an NFT marketplace and an extensive social hub, QORPO World caters accessible Web3 innovations to Web2 players and simplifies blockchain for Web3 users.

QORPO World highlights:

  • Unified Web3 gaming platform
  • Integrated marketplace, user ID and Web3 Wallet
  • Universe of Top-Tier Games
  • Esports Democratization
  • Utility-Rich NFTs
  • Community-Driven Approach

QORPO World platform: All things Web3 unified

After several years of game development, QORPO World has materialized its growing palette of products on one platform to streamline the entire Web3 gaming experience. Users can now explore, download, play and rate games as well as easily manage their digital assets, discover, earn, buy, sell and trade rare NFTs, compete in esports tournaments, raise their ranks and socialize with their friends. Users can also vote and help determine the direction of the platform’s development. QORPO World’s gaming platform brings all of this within an intuitive yet powerful user interface.


The mission of QORPO World has always been about opening the gates of esports for regular players within the ecosystem of high-quality games. QORPO World platform is where all the ends meet. With its current game titles, such as hero shooter Citizen Conflict and adventure-based RPG AneeMate, QORPO World delivers unforgettable experiences to the masses.

Citizen Conflict: Dystopian hero shooter made for esports

Citizen Conflict stands out as the flagship game of the entire QORPO World ecosystem. A free-to-play hero shooter merges the best of both worlds and delivers the competitive heat characteristic of esports game modes while bringing blockchain innovations to the masses. The game doesn’t fall short of a compelling storyline, which finds three antagonistic syndicates and distinct heroes waging an endless war for dominance. To scale its futuristic dystopian design, Citizen Conflict will brim over with tons of futuristic vehicles, aircraft, guns and uncanny equipment.

After the rounds of initial tournaments, Citizen Conflict proved to be a game backed by the fastest-growing community in the blockchain space. An esports tournament sponsored by Qtum Foundation garnered a $10,000 prize pool and attracted leading esports teams, gaming guilds, content creators and regular players. Geekz Energy released a statement on the game:

“The team behind Citizen Conflict did an absolutely amazing job debuting the game in a competitive scenario with its Guild Wars tournament. The tournament featured a good blend of casual and professional players, which really helped in showcasing the game`s competitive potential.”

William Clay, head of Web3 Degens — a gaming team that took part in the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 season tournament — said, “I absolutely enjoyed it. The tournament was handled properly, and the livestream caster did well for the audience!”

AneeMate: An Illuvium contender delivers multigenre open-world action

After the successful run of its hero shooter Citizen Conflict, QORPO World unveils another offering to its plate of top-notch Web3 games. AneeMate beckons players to glimpse into the whimsical world of fabulous creatures, adventure and action-packed exploration. Akin to the popular Pokemon franchise, AneeMate leans on the adventurous fun of creature-catching and collecting on the open-world map.

AneeMate portrays an unbound odyssey into the fantastical world of a child’s imagination. The world of Hidden Islands embodies playful graphics, whimsical art style, and multi-genre gameplay. Players embark on the journey either as the Guardians of AneeMates or Vanguard organization that tries to steal AneeMates for their own benefit. Progressing through the open world, AneeMate introduces tactical teamplay, turn-based strategy, action with strong RPG elements and explorative adventure.

QORPO World unified with one token

QORPO World introduces a versatile and utility-rich token, QORPO, to power its extensive game ecosystem. This token serves as the cornerstone of the entire QORPO gaming universe and is equipped with mechanisms to combat inflation. In the words of Sebastián Šooš, chief business officer at QORPO World:

“After exploring various sustainable token systems, we’ve ultimately decided to blend traditional Web2 gaming monetization methods with our own innovative touch. QORPO stands as one token, representing all QORPO ecosystem products, innovative gaming IPs and scalability into B2B solutions within a single-token economy.”

Within the QORPO ecosystem, numerous opportunities arise to engage with and purchase exclusive content, including game assets, cosmetics and season passes. A portion of the revenue generated is consistently allocated to buy back QORPO tokens on exchanges, fostering scarcity and driving demand for the token, thus increasing its value.

These repurchased tokens are subsequently integrated into the staking pool, featuring a dynamic APY that adjusts according to ecosystem revenue. Contrary to the P2E standard, the pivotal aspect is that players earn stablecoin rewards in tournament prize pools to prevent token inflation.