R8 Block Capital is a venture capital company located in Paya Lebar Square, Singapore, which was founded by Walter White, Jack Metaverse, Winston Hawk and Kevin Chou in 2020.

R8 Block Capital is committed to supporting brave blockchain entrepreneurs' persistent pursuit of technical limits. It prefers to invest in the cryptography and financial technology industry and achieves full coverage of the crypto market from equity and seed rounds to secondary markets. To date, R8 Block Capital has systematically established the investment philosophy of "the linkage between primary and secondary market" through its investment in hundreds of well-known projects like YooShi,DNAxCAT,StarMon,Bloktopia,The Doge NFT,CateCoin,Game Coins, Oxbulls,My Neighbor Alice,Alien Worlds,My Master War,CryptoArt.Ai,Coin98,Seascape,Linear,Highstreet,Republic Note,InsurAce,PlatON,Aioz,Tidal and Kylin.

R8 Block Capital features a strong spirit of hard work and adventure. The four founders got together in 2018 when the industry suffered a severe winter, and they never lost their enthusiasm for the crypto industry during the bearish market turmoil. Through the determined study of projects and new ideas, they formed an unshakable belief in decentralization and accrued recognition and trust during their cooperation, which led to the establishment of EncryptClub in mid-2020 and CryptoGraph in late 2020. With the market getting warmer and warmer, EncryptClub and CryptoGraph are accepted by more and more people, laying a solid foundation for the inception of R8 Block Capital. 


R8 BLock Capital