Radio Caca — NFT, GameFI and Metaverse powerhouse

Binance has revealed the recipients of their most valuable builders (MVB) monthly stars awards for September, with Radio Caca (RACA) taking one of the coveted positions. The winners were selected by their performance across a number of metrics, including transaction volume, active users, total transaction and other performance analytics.

Considering the weight that BSC carries in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, it is quite an honor to be selected for a monthly stars award. Radio Caca impressed the judges with its extensive and innovative work put into building its Metamon P2E game and Universal Metaverse (USM), among other accomplishments. 

Since its inception in May 2021, RACA has established itself as a leader in GameFi and Metaverse. Their nonfungible token (NFT) releases are highly sought-after, as proven by consecutive near-instantaneous sellouts. In addition, Radio Caca is one of the main facilitators of the Metaverse industry, having hosted panels with CZ, Maye Musk and Justin Sun.

The global Metaverse market is projected to reach a $280 billion valuation by 2025 (per Strategy Analytics, a global market research company). With a rapidly growing global community and passionate development team, RACA is positioned to become an absolute titan of the metaverse industry for decades to come.

‍What the selection means for Radio Caca

RACA being selected by Binance Smart Chain carries a significant amount of influence. Winners of the monthly stars award have access to a variety of bonuses from Binance: BSC community support, access to the MVB Incubation and mentorship program, smart contract audit discounts from Binance partners, a chance to compete for the top ten MVB Projects list, a Galaxy NFT badge that grants access to private events and seminars, investments from Binance’s new $500 million investment fund and liquidity from their $100 million liquidity fund.

Why Radio Caca deserved to win

Radio Caca has already achieved a number of impressive accomplishments, including being the sole manager of Maye Musk’s NFTs. It has built an exciting NFT-based play-to-earn game “Metamon,” and has been working on developing an impressive metaverse all of which will be supported and updated by its world-class development team. Radio Caca also has extensive roadmap goals which they have fully detailed in a Medium post. With plans stretching all the way to 2035, there is a demonstrated commitment to building a sustainable product. 

Concluding thoughts 

The selection as one of the top projects in the eyes of Binance Smart Chain is an impressive accolade for Radio Caca. The award will no doubt bring new exposure to the platform, considering the impressive list of benefits it brings. Even though it’s only been six months since the inception of the project, Radio Caca already established itself as a true GameFi and metaverse leader. Upon winning this prestigious award, they gave away a cybertruck to one of its lucky MPB NFT holders. 

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