Raydium, a Solana-built automated market maker (AMM), has announced the upcoming launch of Zebec on AcceleRaytor, Raydium’s initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) launchpad. Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol that will transform token investment, cash flow and payroll by allowing users to send distributions and payments each second. 

The public raise will be on Raydium on March 15, followed by the official start of trading on March 16.

Raydium helps projects create instant liquidity for users to trade and swap newly listed tokens. With the help of its yield-farming product, Fusion, projects can emit on Raydium to encourage users to provide additional liquidity. 

The AcceleRaytor launchpad 

Raydium’s IDO launchpad, AcceleRaytor, is a free service product for project developers. AcceleRaytor does not accept fees for services rendered, setting it apart from other Solana-based launchpads. 

Through AcceleRaytor, Raydium aims to spearhead the growth of the Solana ecosystem. AcceleRaytor serves as a launchpad for emerging projects seeking to raise capital and drive liquidity in a truly decentralized and interoperable manner. It enables Raydium and other projects’ community members to participate in select token offerings. 

The Zebec protocol’s upcoming launch

Zebec, a settlement protocol, is the newest project to launch on AcceleRaytor that is poised to revolutionize cash flow, payroll and token investments.

It will launch as a premier on-chain payment product with tax withholding as a built-in feature and the first Solana wallet debit card. Zebec has raised more than $21 million from top brands such as DST Global, Coinbase, Decentralized Global, Lightspeed, Solana, Republic Resolute, Alameda Research, Greenoaks Capital and more. 

As an ecosystem, Zebec currently has more than 250 projects building businesses and solutions. Since the recent Zebec Hackathon, projects building on Zebec have raised more than $2 from Shima Capital, Y Combinator, Partner Fund, Andreessen Horowitz and more. 

About Raydium 

Raydium is an AMM platform built on the Solana blockchain. It aims at offering users the opportunity to trade conveniently, swap and provide liquidity to earn yields. It delivers an order-book AMM, some of the best swap prices and high-liquidity launches on its AcceleRaytor launchpad and helps emerging projects raise capital and liquidity. 

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