The nonfungible token market in the blockchain industry is now emerging. In July, Pizzap, a sound intelligence project, attracted the attention of several artificial intelligence agencies. The combined concept of NFTs, voice and mining also caused FOMO (fear of missing out) sentiment among crypto investors.

Pizzap is a voice product, infrastructure and ecosystem integrated with NFTs, decentralized finance and decentralized autonomous organization, developed and owned by its user community.

With the development of artificial intelligence and neural technology, speech synthesis technology is becoming more mature, which the voice cloning service provided by Pizzap is based on. The processed sound material is minted into NFTs in the form of online files because the uniqueness and non-replicability of NFTs ensure the first copyright of sound works.

The token entrance of Pizzap will be launched at the end of this month. If you intend to mint Voice NFTs (vNFT) on Pizzap, you need to obtain Plian data NFT (PNFT) from decentralized exchange Pai Swap on Plian as the certificate for minting Voice NFTs. Pizzap maintains and updates products through decentralized governance, foundation or chain organization. As long as the supply-demand relationship of VoiceNFT is healthy, the economic system in Pizzap would not collapse for a long time. However, after the transaction of NFT works reaches a certain saturation on many NFT platforms, the liquidity of the NFTs becomes less optimistic. Pizzap has the DeFi attribute of NFTs as a vital factor. The liquidity performance of NFTs may be strong through their trading on DEXs. Traders on Pai Swap are now all intentionally or unintentionally improving the liquidity of NFTs in order to improve the income in the pool so that the long-term health of VoiceNFT liquidity can be maintained.

Pizzap’s business model is also novel and creative. The initial economic scale of many NFT projects is driven by big names. Many users think that “people or enterprises who have made achievements in other fields are making additional money in the blockchain field.” In the initial stage, Pizzap will not quickly earn the first wave of benefits by cooperating with big names, but by building a framework for ordinary people.

At present, the following ways to participate are popular on Pizzap:

  • Contribute sounds to the metaverse: Compared with virtual electronic sounds, a human’s real voiceprint resources are more valuable. Ordinary people can try to auction their Voice NFTs online. The huge entrance lies in the metaverse, which needs more real and richer human sounds rather than electronic sounds. Your voice may be picked up by metaverse projects or a person who appreciates your voice very much.
  • Audio cultural products: Online stars such as YouTube celebrities can mint Voice NFTs on Pizzap as an art creation to protect their online creation.
  • Audio content: Sign or incubate audio artworks and mint them into NFTs for sale.

“When the platform is mature enough, we will sign with celebrity brands,” said the core volunteers from the Pizzap community, adding, “The role of NFT works is to clarify the ownership of information. However, the team behind big names has many ways to protect online works. An NFT is not the only and best choice.”

Early Voice NFTs will be launched in the form of an initial VoiceNFT offering (IVO). Subsequently, after a certain number of sound sources on the platform, Pizzap will cooperate with artificial intelligence institutions.

Pizzap was initially deployed on Plian. With the cross-chain technology of Plian, Pizzap will perfectly exchange resources and data with other NFT projects, DEXs and wallets deployed on other public chains in the later stage.

The Pizzap community is currently expanding, and the creator (pop voice) and collector (super ears) program will be launched later.

The audio content ecosystem continues to expand, opening up more imagination space for the creation of a “full ecosystem audio platform.”

With the development of 5G and the popularity of mobile devices, in addition to online film and television music, audio content is also being produced. The increasing demand of users related to sound as well as a wide range of market demand and potential users are also the driving force for many online audio platforms to lay out audio content one after another.

The success of Cyberpunk and the metaverse shows us the elements that enable audio and video to successfully participate in the economic system, including user experience discovery, creator economy, spatial computing, decentralization, human and computer interaction and infrastructure. It is a decentralized future that needs to be built by creators and users. Factors such as identity, friends, immersion, low latency, the ability to land anywhere, an economic system and culture can bring out a new application with the deep participation of real people.

But most of the power is gathered from ordinary people who enhance the base of Web 3.0, and which Pizzap attaches importance to.

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