Etha Lend is the hot new DeFi yield optimizer on the market and perhaps the only one of its kind. As users eagerly await Etha Lend’s mainnet launch, the dual liquidity mining program between Etha Lend and Dodo, starting April 22, 2021, offers users a highly rewarding option to produce passive income. 

The ETHA/USDT liquidity mining campaign will last four weeks, going from April 22 to May 24, 2021, giving you ample time to bag as many rewards as you want.

But there’s a catch

As a part of the reward distribution, Etha Lend offers 7,000 Etha tokens every week, making it a total of 28,000 Etha to be won during the entire four-week mining program. 

Not to mention, Dodo will be offering $7,500 worth of Dodo tokens in the first week of the competition. The rewards in Dodo tokens for the subsequent weeks will be readjusted every Monday depending on the total trading volume of the week before. 

More insights on the Etha Lend–Dodo dual liquidity mining program here.

This is indeed an incredible opportunity for Etha Lend enthusiasts as the mainnet approaches. The dual mining program not only brings valuable exposure to Etha Lend but it creates demand for the protocol and its token, Etha. In the end, more of such events and the massive potential that Etha Lend presents will prove to be rewarding for liquidity providers and users in the longer run. 

About ETHA Lend

Etha Lend is a chain agnostic yield optimizer powered by the Polkadot ecosystem and is currently on the Ethereum blockchain. Etha Lend offers users a sophisticated interface with clean and simple features to eliminate the complexity of the original DeFi lending space. Etha Lend’s defining feature is the use of an intelligent algorithm that automatically calculates risk factors, allocates assets across the best matching protocols, and optimizes yield opportunities. 

Besides the revolutionary discovery algorithm, Etha Lend will also offer next-generation decentralized financial instruments, such as credit delegation in the longer term. The protocol not only promises sustainable yields but also an innovation in flexible financial management for its users. 

Looking ahead, things will be much clearer and exciting once the official mainnet launch takes place. But until then, the dual liquidity mining program is the perfect opportunity for liquidity providers to bag some Etha and Dodo tokens.

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