Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios are excited to announce their meetup, Init (Metaverse): NFT Bytes slated for May 13, 2022, from 5:00 pm IST on Airmeet. NFT Bytes is a part of the six-month-long Initialize Metaverse conference. 

NFT Bytes will be exploring today’s hottest trend in the industry: NFTs, short for nonfungible tokens. With leading voices contributing from across the world, the meetup serves as a grassroots platform for champions wanting to delve into the world of NFTs.

It brings together an unparalleled group of NFT experts who will focus on what everyone — from noobs to whales — needs to understand about this rapidly evolving and often volatile sector.

NFT Bytes is free of cost and will be held online, so it can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

What to expect from this meetup

Like every Blockchained India event, there will be in-depth sessions and interactive panel discussions with the top movers and shakers from the industry, such as Gaarp from TreasureDAO, Yoel Aryeh from Meta Organization and Anuj Kodam from — and that’s just for starters. 

Here’s a quick taste of what’s on tap:

  • What the hell are NFTs exactly? — Making the first step with NFTs and learning precisely what they are and what can be done with them.
  • NFT use-cases — Learning about a multitude of possible NFT use cases beyond just digital artworks. 
  • Will the NFT craze last beyond 2022? — Discussing whether NFTs are a fleeting fad or a long-term investment.


The event will start with a keynote address on “Going Beyond the PFP: The Broader Potential of NFTs” by Anuj Kodam, co-founder and CEO of

This will be followed by a panel discussion on “NFTs: A fad or a long-term trend?” The speakers for the session are:

  • Raghav Gupta — founder of Nova DAO
  • Yoel Aryeh — co-founder of Meta Organization
  • Gandalf — head of marketing at RockX

The panel will be hosted by Amarnath Jayanti, co-founder and chief operating officer of 

Registration for the event is open now. 

Initialize Metaverse

Initialize Metaverse is a six-month virtual conference organized by Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios in collaboration with Terra Luna and Draper Dragon Fund, with Polygon as an ecosystem partner. 

Initialize Metaverse will ingeniously explore the evolution of existing fields of work in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, identity and GameFi as well as their contributions to the Metaverse. It aims to locate the best startups and products on the global Metaverse map.