The new subchain from Web3 video organization Replay will enable full decentralization of the streaming economy.

Replay, the blockchain platform reimagining video for Web3, is proud to announce the launch of its proprietary blockchain on mainnet. Today, Replay made public the launch of its subchain on Theta Metachain, the leading Web3 infrastructure for video, media and entertainment. The goal of Replay blockchain is to measure and provide instant payout for engagement in online videos, solving issues of fragmentation and disparate viewership metrics in streaming. With its subchain launch, Replay is minting its token RPLAY to operate the protocol and track video engagement and payments.

The launch of the subchain is a major stepping stone for Replay, which has spent the past year since launch developing a fully functional ecosystem for Web3 video, building NFT-gating functionality, GameFi mechanics measuring engagement, and an active tokenized community of over 50,000 monthly active users watching and sharing videos while earning RPLAY tokens across web, mobile and smart TV devices.

The Replay blockchain protocol is built on Theta Network, which powers decentralized video delivery for Replay’s flagship streaming app RPLAY, a TNT-20 token, is used to measure engagement and provide instant liquidity for content creators across, and in the near future, across any Replay-enabled streaming platform.

The launch of Replay’s subchain comes after several major recent announcements for the blockchain organization, including partnerships with mainstream media brands like Yu-Gi-Oh!, and WatchMojo. Replay was also recently selected as a member of Cointelegraph’s Accelerator program, with Replay’s acceptance into the competitive program indicating the appetite in TV media for a decentralized distribution standard to solve major problems in today’s fragmented world of streaming.

Krish Arvapally, CEO of Replay, said:

“After building out the core components of a truly decentralized content economy, we could not be more excited to be launching Replay subchain on Theta Metachain. The launch of our own blockchain will be crucial to our active community as we further decentralize our ecosystem, enabling more Web3 functionality with solo validator nodes.”

Learn more about Replay’s subchain here.

About Replay

​​Replay is the blockchain platform reimagining video for Web3. Replay tech powers the Web3 gamified streaming service, Rewarded TV. Tracking video consumption in real time, Replay removes monetization friction for content creators and delivers unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance. Built on the Theta blockchain, Replay enables digital-ready streams that are trackable on-chain and available for distribution via a consumption-based model, using its TNT-20 token RPLAY to decentralize and reimagine video streaming, tracking and payments.

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