Retreeb, the new age decentralized ethical payment solution that made its initial DEX offering (IDO) of its native token TREEB on SpookySwap 15 days ago, has just launched a farming pool on it with an APR of 126%. Step by step, Retreeb is building the new way towards the adoption of decentralized ethical financial practices intertwined with universal values of ethics, sharing and solidarity.


What is Retreeb building?

There is no denying that blockchains have numerous direct implications on the finance sector and the revolution it brings can solve many legacy problems in the industry. The team at Retreeb is building the future of payments to make it ethical, responsible, inclusive and sustainable. With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of their business model, the Retreeb payment solution is a decentralized payment ecosystem free of any interbank commissions. 

Retreeb claims to be the first financial institution in the world that has linked its business performance with its social contribution. The project donates 33% of its fees to financially support social and environmental projects. The first thing that Retreeb has done is to eliminate the dominance of centralized intermediaries that charge users a commission of 2.5-4% per transaction. On the Retreeb marketplace, merchants pay a nominal fee of 0.9% to 1.5%. 

Of this fee, Retreeb voluntarily donates one-third toward social or environmental projects selected by the user issuing the transaction. This ethical model of the Retreeb ecosystem makes it one of the most unique financial institutions that actually fulfill its CSR while simplifying the payment ecosystem in a customer-centric manner. 

Looking behind Retreeb’s bi-foundational financial model

Retreeb is developing a very unique payment solution that is based on two foundational pillars and is powered by a two-asset system, i.e., (S)TREEB (Retreeb’s Stablecoin) and (U)TREEB (Retreeb’s Utility Token). The two foundational pillars of its financial model are the tokenization of transactions and Free SEPA credit transfers. 

The Retreeb transaction model is fueled by the integration of Fantom Opera technology, powered by both Fantom's aBFT consensus algorithm and proof-of-stake (PoS). Thus, tokenization of transactions is achieved by using a fork of Fantom’s “Lachesis DAG,” based on the Lachesis Protocol. In simpler terms, the transaction happens by establishing a set of links between events to form a DAG (a distributed system that stores arbitrary immutable data). Check out more about “Retreeb’s architecture” here

Let us talk about the token in the limelight.

TREEB utility token

Retreeb has its own ERC-20 utility token named (U)TREEB. It is responsible for the governance of the Retreeb ecosystem and the community. This token holds several significant roles in the Retreeb ecosystem. With its fixed offer and a variable value, these tokens conclude the governance of the platform by choosing which Corporate Social Responsibility projects are to be selected for funding. 

The Retreeb protocol uses a PoS mechanism to select validators to participate in these governance decisions. Any user holding TREEB tokens can participate in decision-making by locking their TREEBs in a dedicated smart contract for a certain period of time. The decision-making votes are weighted by the amount of stacked TREEB and the stacking time of the tokens in the smart contract. 

The other role of TREEB tokens is their importance in providing users with premium status on the platform. If a user holds more than a certain threshold, then they get a premium status, allowing them access to biometric payment cards and the free exchange of (S)TREEB.

Simplifying finance to make payments simpler

Within the last decade, the payment infrastructure has changed rapidly and so has the behavior of consumers. Consumers today are more aware and conscious of their society and environment and they expect the same from the businesses around them. 


Retreeb taps on this consumer expectation by introducing a new generation of payment processors. By putting ethics, transparency and solidarity at the center of the transactional process, Retreeb correlates between its business model, social contribution (CSR) and business performance. For the first time in the history of finance, there is a model providing a win/win accounting and financial innovation ambition in a win/lose dominated ecosystem.