Worthpad supports innovators with investment capital, technical expertise, and community building

AMSTERDAM – September 19, 2021Worthpad is a new platform offering safe and low-risk earning potential for retail investors through its innovative use of decentralized financed (DeFi) technologies. 

Worthpad simplifies things for investors and innovators and nurtures high-potential startups for unprecedented growth by providing all required resources, including investment capital, marketing and technical expertise and community building. 

“We are creating investment structures that make participation safe for retail investors. Our intent is to create a single platform that offers retail investors an early-stage exposure to crypto startups that are working on the future of everything from finance and insurance to healthcare and transportation,” a Worthpad spokesperson said. 

Leading the way for investors are Worthpad’s Worth Incubator and Worth Accelerator. 

The Worth Incubator was developed for incubating disruptive project ideas that are at the conceptual stage. Worthpad’s team helps project founders with advisory, marketing, and public relations, tokenomics, audits and investment capital to develop a working product and build a solid community behind the project before launching it.

The Worth Accelerator has been built for high-growth potential startups that have a working MVP and need investment capital for accelerating customer acquisition. Worthpad provides the startups selected for the accelerator program with the best mentors and other required resources for unprecedented growth.

Other Worthpad IDO Launchpad benefits for startups, in addition to providing investment capital, include personalized guidance from serial founders and investors; collaboration and partnerships with innovative startups; and technical assistance to build the product.

The tokens received from projects instead of services provided by the Worth IDO Launchpad, and capital invested by Worth DVC Fund will be distributed to investors who stake WORTH tokens on the Worthpad platform.

The Worthpad platform has many innovative risk management features, such as an insurance treasury and a staggered release of raised capital to projects when they meet defined milestones. This will ensure that the project owners do not overspend the capital raised or abandon their projects mid-way.

“Worthpad is a decentralized, multi-chain IDO platform that will generate unlimited wealth for Worth holders,” the spokesperson said. “Worthpad provides transparent and fair investment opportunities to Worth holders. Worthpad platform has several unique features like the Worth Smart Contract Foundry, Worth DEX and the Worth Insurance Treasury. Worth Smart Contract Foundry will have a drag and drop interface that will allow anyone to launch an idea and build a community around the project without having to worry about the technical aspects of the smart contract configuration. Worth SCF smart contracts are designed to safeguard LPs from popular exploits such as flash loan attacks and oracle price manipulation attacks. It will be a place for non-technical creators and communities to launch new project tokens. It will allow communities and projects access to all the options they need for a secure and successful token deployment to the Worth DEX. 

Worth DEX is a next-gen decentralized exchange that has been designed to provide the same amount of liquidity that you’d find with a centralized exchange while remaining decentralized. 

Every project that uses Worth IDO Launchpad to raise capital will have to buy and lock $WORTH tokens in the Insurance Treasury. Funds will be unlocked from the treasury and reimbursed to the project team only when all milestones defined by the project team have been met. $WORTH tokens held in Worth Insurance Treasury will continue to accrue IDO projects’ tokens and this will act as the second layer of protection for $WORTH investors. Worth Insurance treasury will protect the investors of projects that fail because of team negligence. In case a project fails to launch, the treasury will reimburse the investors.”

About Worthpad

Worthpad is a decentralized accelerator and incubation platform that connects early-stage innovators and projects with $WORTH investors. We will provide $WORTH holders early access and guaranteed allocation to seed rounds, presales and private sales of top-tier crypto projects incubated and accelerated on the Worth IDO Launchpad.

Our primary goal is to make investing in DeFi and crypto projects easy and accessible to the masses. Worthpad empowers high-growth potential crypto projects with the ability to raise liquidity fairly while also developing dedicated communities behind them.

Worthpad brings the capabilities of traditional venture capital to $WORTH holders through its innovative use of the best technologies available in the DeFi space. Worthpad will incentivize and reward $WORTH holders in a way that is easy and inclusive.

Worthpad offers a professional and hassle-free fundraising environment for innovative projects and a safe investment ecosystem with unlimited earning potential to $WORTH investors.

You can also participate in the $1,750,000 $WORTH Community Building Program.

For more information about Worthpad and how to be a part of the revolution that will shape the global crypto space, visit the Worthpad Website.

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