Playing games has taken another dimension entirely through a new play-to-earn model that makes earning crypto revenue easier than ever. Revolve Games is revolutionizing the way decentralized finance staking is integrated with blockchain gaming by debuting a metaverse where players can earn rewards depending on their performance. 

Current games fall short in unlocking the true value of play-to-earn, nonfungible token (NFT) games. But a token-staking play-to-earn model is what the NFT scene needs so players can fully dive into the immersive gameplay of the metaverse and capitalize on their skills and experience.

Revolve Games

Revolve Games Metaverse is the first AAA-quality inter-planetary sandbox metaverse. Players can explore the galaxy with their NFT-tethered spacecraft, buy land on planets, shape the landscape, and build their own games. Teleportation portal NFTs allow them to instantly travel between your favorite set destinations in the metaverse. Recent partnerships with other popular NFT games such as Netvrk mean that players can enjoy even more characters, functions and staking opportunities.

Pushing hard on innovation

The team behind Revolve Games is working hard to amplify and transcend this further into other metaverses and online games, advancing blockchain gaming into fresh, immersive experiences for people around the world to enjoy.

With a new staking rewards system based on tethered actionable NFTs, Revolve Games is an avant-garde company in NFT innovation. The team has built a truly mesmerizing metaverse with numerous mechanics at play, which make it a diverse and immersive play-to-earn gaming experience. Players can buy, sell, hold, stake and trade a number of actionable NFT assets, such as characters, vehicles and game builder packs. Here is the real kicker, though: Some of these are tethered to RPG (the native token of the platform) staking contracts. 

This means that these NFTs cannot be generated or exist without the user staking a number of RPG tokens in a staking contract. As the player community grows, more RPG tokens will be removed from the circulating supply, which increases the scarcity of the native token as well as adding some price stability to the NFTs. As such, players are highly incentivized to participate in gaming and leveling up. Since the staking rewards for each tethered staking contract are performance-based, players are incentivized to perform better against their opponents with increased staking multipliers.

Holding RPG-tethered NFTs allows players to grind it out to earn more revenue against their in-game competitors. NFTs will retain their value in terms of development and strategic importance.

The new metaverse of Revolve Games offers more than just a digital escape; it’s a decentralized, player-owned economy, where users are well-compensated for their skills and performance in the game’s ecosystem. 

The Revolve Games AAA galactic metaverse is being built cross-chain on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. With the metaverse version 1 MVP set to launch in Q1 2022, there’s a lot of buzz in the air. But there’s more to come before then. You can expect tethered NFT asset generation to be accessible by November, and a card game shortly after that will allow you to battle your NFTs and start leveling up and earning staking boosters.