Rich City is a virtual community and online platform where you can play games, make friends, socialize and network, as well as purchase, design and build all types of real estate, collect valuable nonfungible tokens and more. 

Express yourself

Similar to iconic gameplays such as The Sims and Habbo Hotel, Rich City is a place for you to let your imagination run wild as anything is possible in the Rich City world. 

From mansions and superyachts to vacations overseas, living out your fantasies has never been so exciting. Getting creative with your real estate designs and decor truly has no limits, especially with the highly sophisticated build modes and the ability to display your collection of NFTs.

More than just a game

Rich City is more than just a virtual place for you to live out your dreams and fantasies. With the game powered by Rich City Coin, players are able to take their cyber riches to the real world and convert their coins to fiat currencies. Investing in real estate and purchasing NFTs are just a couple of ways to start growing your capital and become successful both online and offline. Check out the Rich City marketplace to browse all commodities and buy or sell your own. 

Rich City Coin will be available for purchase on PancakeSwap with more exchange listings to come in the future.

Find your tribe

Even prior to our launch, the Rich City Coin community has grown and developed on Telegram and now, we can’t wait to give our family a place to further interact and socialize. Rich City features large common areas in each building where players can chat, make new friends and simply hang out. Players are also able to invite friends into their personal spaces for private chills.

Growing NFT game space

Platforms where users are able to explore other dimensions, compete in virtual games and build their wealth are starting to take over the gaming industry. Especially following the success of Axie Infinity and Decentraland, these game models are becoming the norm for computer and mobile games. 

And Rich City is the next one to watch out for.

Following the same basic model as these successful games, Rich City will deliver on all the key elements of this gaming model while implementing a much simpler user experience than those previously mentioned. 

At the time of writing this article, Rich City has a market capitalization just shy of $2 million and is only a couple of weeks old. Looking to the success of Axie Infinity and Decentraland, whose market cap is currently over $1 billion, the prosperity of Rich City is inevitable. Invest now and take advantage of the growth before it’s too late. 

Check out the Rich City website for sneak peeks of the gaming platform and more information about the game, and don’t forget to join our Telegram community for constant updates and direct contact with the developers.