Worldwide, April 20, 2021 – Focusing on music nonfungible tokens and music streaming services, Rocki is launching the world’s first music platform on Binance Smart Chain.

Any musician and almost any fan will tell you simply that earning $200 per year for work is unacceptable, unsustainable and unfair. From the outset, Rocki has been dedicated to protecting the rights and income of independent musicians by destroying the barriers between artists and their fans.

Over the past year, we have been exploring the potential of NFTs as a key tool in our new industry model. Working with our partner,, a decentralized NFT auction protocol platform, we have already hosted successful music NFT auctions, including the groundbreaking Guy J “Cotton Eyes” that sold 50% royalty rights for a stunning 40 Ether (ETH). 

"Rocki chose to work with Binance Smart Chain because of its scalability, low translation costs and development support," said Bjorn Niclas, CEO and co-founder of Rocki. He added:

“The BSC team was the most aligned with our goal of developing a more viable, robust and sustainable music industry. They share our projection for long-term growth, so we are pleased to join their expanding community of forward-thinking and cutting-edge projects built exclusively on Binance Smart Chain. Minting 100 limited edition music NFTs on Rocki on Binance Smart Chain only cost around $0.15 to mint compared to other chains that can cost as much as $100 for the same thing.”

We believe these music NFTs are a powerful new weapon in the fight for equitable compensation. Unlike streaming services whose algorithms are based solely on the number of people who click on songs, these auctions suggest another way to determine music’s value: fan engagement. 

True fans aren’t impressed by numbers or algorithms. Instead, they care about the music and about their relationship with the artist. Because they are true fans, they prefer scarcity, which is the cornerstone of collectibility, and they prefer access. 

Music NFTs excite these fans because they are produced in limited quantities and offered at set prices (or auction format) directly to them. And because they can be traded on the blockchain, and on Rocki, these NFTs open up an exciting new revenue stream both for artists and their fans.

Rocki is changing that perception. Instead of a marginalized fad, Niclas envisions a music platform and a music NFT marketplace and service that are within reach for all music fans and music lovers, regardless of budget. It wants to create a marketplace that has hundreds of thousands of music NFTs that are held and enjoyed by fans and music lovers who trade them on the secondary marketplace for music NFTs that Rocki is actively developing. 

Niclas is confident that these tools can bring back that magic of collecting exclusive music that traditionally has been limited to certain fans and music lovers who can afford limited edition vinyl, box sets or personalized memorabilia, which is only printed in small limited batches.

As he explained:

“Our uncomplicated do-it-yourself function lets any artist, regardless of the size of their fan base, issue and mint their own music NFTs, set their own price and issuance of music NFTs, and offer them to fans for purchase, collecting and investing — all on our platform.”

One of the first artists to take advantage of Rocki’s music NFT is the influential electronic act Blond:ish, who said:

“My passion and mission is exploring music endlessly in all its forms. We have no idea where this journey is headed. It’s like when the internet started. We had zero clues where it would lead us. But I do know one thing: Exploring and experimenting with the intersection of music NFTs will lead to great discoveries and change the music industry and our lives forever. I want to be a part of making the term ‘a starving artist’ a thing of the past through the magic that is NFTs.” 

We couldn’t agree more. If you are an artist interested in music NFTs, or a music fan who loves to listen to and collect limited edition exclusive music, or if you’re just interested in the future of the music industry, visit today to learn more.