“We are excited to work with Grounded & FINAO to promote global ESG impact using the green public network of Rubix.” — KC Reddy, founder and chief architect of Rubix.

“We believe the way people shop and the brands that they buy have the power to change the world and that every purchase should be a step towards a more sustainable future. Consumerism now comes with a conscience and so must business. We're excited to work with Rubix to make a difference.” — Phil White, co-founder of Grounded.world.

“Working with schools and major non-profits like the YMCA, we understand successful ESG requires efficient tools and trusted accountability. We are delighted to work with Rubix, as placing ESG parameters on a blockchain will create more awareness of the social consciousness of corporations in a measurable and transparent way. The pandemic has created a sense of urgency among consumers on the need for careful monitoring of the ESG compliance of their favorite brands, so for corporations, ESG compliance is no longer a choice but a necessity and a core component of their brand definition” — Wallace Greene, president and CEO of FINAO 

Hyderabad, India — Rubix, a web-scale layer-one blockchain building Web 3.0 applications, Grounded, a leading marketing firm helping global brands to achieve and communicate purpose and Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) goals and FINAO, a digital technology company helping organizations drive digital adoption, have entered a strategic partnership to help leading global brands achieve ESG impact using the trustless provenance of public blockchains. Grounded has rich experience in helping top brands achieve ESG impact and FINAO has strong experience in working with leading global organizations in digital and social impact. 

Recognizing the environmental, social and business imperatives of sustainability, Rubix has focused on leveraging its public blockchain as a uniquely secure, scalable and trusted tool for ESG reporting. Rubix’s blockchain will bring world-class efficiency and publicly verifiable accountability to its customers’ governance strategies through its own commitment to innovation, culture, trust, human capital, environmental impact and social sustainability. These concepts are difficult to measure and most of them are not captured by traditional accounting and managerial reporting frameworks. However, there is a pressing need to do so as shareholders, capital providers and other stakeholders increasingly focus on how companies create long-term value, especially focusing on the “sustainability as captured by ESG metrics.”

Provenance on public blockchains is becoming the best method for brands to establish their commitment to sustainability, and this has been Rubix’s express mission while building the Rubix protocol. Rubix is one of the greenest networks with energy consumption lower than existing computing networks. Brands and their supply chain partners can post provenance data on the Rubix chain without worrying about costs, security or privacy. Customers, investors and policymakers can now leverage the benefits of instant supply chain and social impact provenance on Rubix to achieve ESG goals. 


Grounded is a multi-award-winning B-corp certified activation agency thriving at the intersection of brand experience, commercial innovation and social impact. They work with global brands, retailers, startups and nonprofits to help them articulate their purpose, activate their brands and accelerate their impact at scale.


Led by former Microsoft executives, FINAO is an innovative consultant and developer of proprietary and custom software applications for social good, education, equity and total wellness. FINAO works in partnership with global non-profits, corporations and education organizations. Their sweet spot is creating system-oriented solutions for great user experience, high-efficiency administrator ownership, informing data, accountability and use-case scalability. 


Rubix Network is a layer one blockchain protocol for peer-to-peer data transfer and transactions. Rubix is a Web scale protocol with zero transaction fees, minimal infrastructure costs, high security and privacy. With 0.00000174 kWh per transaction, Rubix has one of the lowest energy consumptions among all computing networks. Rubix software can be freely downloaded on any PC or virtual machine. The Rubix community has more than 10,000 validators.

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