The Ruby Play Network is set to intensify its endeavors within the crypto games vertical when its token lists in Q1 of 2022. After enduring successful seed and strategic rounds, the platform is ready to venture into the cryptocurrency space with both rounds selling out in full — before a further two private rounds and an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO), respectively.

The utility of the platform is based around play-to-earn gaming, underpinned by a crypto rewards platform that rewards both users and game developers alike. The RUBY token will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain, with buying and selling being enabled when the listing goes live. The token can be acquired for free before listings through games such as Spin2Win and RubySweeper. 

The network aims to revolutionize the confining of items in games by providing players with the opportunity to earn a tradeable and utility-focused currency that can be used across multiple applications or traded for other currencies. The proposition was greeted with a filled initial seed round with the backing of some core blockchain industry firms including the Binance Accelerator Fund and Yellow.

Rewarding loyal players with an innovative offering

The Ruby Play Network revolves around the delivery of a crypto rewards platform for users to play and earn the native RUBY token as a reward for their playtime. The Christchurch, New Zealand-based business comprises experienced developers and experts in the gaming and entertainment industry — intending to create and pioneer a newfound approach to paying rewards in crypto.

The platform wasn’t made just for the players. Game developers are also brought on board to utilize the token offering. RUBY proposes a retaining process for developers through granted giveaways to their user-base as a reward, a service not typically seen within current blockchain gaming options.

Games on the Ruby Play platform have been made free-to-play to exchange rewards for downloads and playtime as ultimately, the growth of the community and development comes with increased user interaction. Free tokens can be earned every 24 hours with two current game offerings, only requiring an email and wallet address respectively. This rewarding platform is a first in its field and aims to capitalize on both the traditional and blockchain gaming industries.

Merging gaming with cryptocurrency 

The platform currently has two play-to-earn games on offer: Spin2Win and Ruby Sweeper. Both games allow users the ability to earn both tokens and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). These applications are being joined by two new offerings — Strawberry Sweeps and PuriPets — set to launch in early 2022. 

The community favorite Spin2Win was re-released as an NFT Edition and comprises a classic rewards spinner, prompting players to spin a wheel in hopes of landing on a prize. Users have the chance of winning a bundle of RUBY tokens from 100 up to 10,000, an exclusive NFT from the unreleased PuriPets game, or @Boomer_gm’s collection.

Ruby Sweeper consists of a Minesweeper-style game, prompting users to flip tiles in pursuit of revealing all treasure chests on the board, without revealing a bomb under a tile. If completed successfully, players are rewarded based on their daily high score; recorded every 24 hours, with the allocated amount of RUBY tokens given to the nominated wallet.

Strawberry Sweeps is an upcoming sweepstakes platform, offering users the ability to win real money, with entries granted through in-game currency purchases and rewards on the crypto slots. The casino-style slot machine games will be an entry point for sweepstakes, including community slot favorites such as Pot and Gold, Jack’s Wild Nightmare and Gem Booster.

RUBY — A crypto gaming and loyalty rewards token

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the native RUBY token is the incentive presented to loyal players across all games on the rewards platform. 

The reasoning behind the creation of the token stems from the team's previous experience in the gaming industry, aligning lessons learned during this time with the best rewards concepts to create a blockchain-specific gaming product. They believe the players who have prolonged playtime on a game should be allowed to earn rewards according to their loyalty status. 

Influence on the scope of the project should be from both the developers and loyal players who will have full control over how their earned rewards are spent, rather than being confined to options chosen by the deployer.

Building active wallets before listing

The Ruby Play Network has already begun rewarding players with the RUBY token on the platform through games that have been developed before the token listing, intending to establish utility before this occurs. This is a stark contrast to the plethora of projects in the space that launch first and build later. Once the token is listed in early 2022, the rewards players receive now and in the future will be tradeable on a variety of exchanges. Two new game releases will be arriving around the same period as the initial listings — the NFT game PuriPets, and the Strawberry Sweeps platform, increasing the utility of RUBY across more applications. 

Ruby Play is aiming to bring a fully-controllable loyalty program to players, by incentivizing them with earnable rewards and allowing developers to retain their user-base with RUBY giveaways. The blockchain implementation with Ruby is the beginning of a movement they wish to create for the gaming industry, comprising game developers rewarding their players for prolonged playtime. Find out more about the Ruby Play Network by joining the discussion now!




Media Contact:
Andreas Costa