Marking a significant milestone for SageMaster, the company has announced the recent acquisition of, a cloud-based, multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading platform with an impressive track record.  As a leader in the development of AI and machine learning solutions, SageMaster acknowledges the exceptional value of and its community of over 17,000 traders, which serves as tangible proof of its extraordinary value and potential. By incorporating into its portfolio, this forward-thinking decision expands SageMaster’s range of services while also reinforcing its stance in the rapidly evolving, AI-fueled finance industry.

So far,’s evolution has been outstanding, delivering exceptional results facilitating over 1 million trades and $6 billion in transaction volume since its launch in 2020. The former Facebook founding team has raised $7 million dollars from top venture capitalists and crypto pioneers. These significant outputs attest to the platform’s rapid development and prowess in offering invaluable insights to its audience.

The acquisition of is in perfect alignment with SageMaster’s mission to deliver state-of-the-art AI solutions that empower businesses and individuals to make data-driven decisions.’s platform helps strategy creators deploy advanced algorithms to analyze in-depth financial data, generating accurate market forecasts and invaluable user insights. In this pursuit, SageMaster intends to build and provide an exhaustive suite of services to optimize financial services by integrating Tuned’s state-of-art market data services prediction and trading analytics capabilities.

Commenting on this groundbreaking acquisition, Ehsaan Islam, chief technology officer of SageMaster, declared:

“As we are on a mission to bring our AI-driven solutions to the highest innovation, we are thrilled to welcome to the SageMaster family. We all know that data is the gold of the 21st century, and Tuned’s remarkable technology and financial sector expertise will strengthen our current offerings. Through this convergence, we can empower our clients by bolstering their strategies with powerful, data-driven insights.”

Alkarim Nasser, a former Facebook product leader as well as the co-founder and CEO of, expressed his excitement for the acquisition, “I am eager to see join the SageMaster family as they transition individuals and businesses to more informed financial decision making with AI-enabled software. The SageMaster leadership team shares my enthusiasm for making finance accessible to everyone. They have a proven track record of execution and are the right partners to take to the next level.” Alkarim will be joining SageMaster as an advisor to support this exciting next chapter.

For more information on SageMaster and its expanding portfolio of AI-driven solutions, visit the website.

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About is a leading cloud-based, multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading platform designed for active traders and passive investors looking to power their portfolios with quantitative trading strategies. Tuned makes quantitative trading more accessible to everyone with a platform engineered for security and reliability. Tuned powers traders in more than 20 countries and is integrated with trusted exchanges such as ByBit, Binance, Coinbase and more.