Blockchain-based advertisements platform SaTT has appointed Singapore-based Onchain Custodian to secure its digital assets and develop a transparent treasury management plan to ensure long-term financial stability for the project. 

To provide SaTT’s clients and investors with confidence that their digital assets are being managed in a secure, insured and compliant way, the appointment of Onchain Custodian will ensure institutional-grade, third-party custody of funds while leveraging the benefits of open finance services.

As a proponent of transparency in advertising product technology, and with investors from all over the world, especially Asia, attaching great importance to secure platforms, SaTT is now set to position itself as a leader in transparent treasury management.

SaTT’s rising popularity gets a new feather

Short for Smart Advertising Transaction Token, SaTT has been creating a lot of buzz lately in the crypto sphere. The platform offers an optimized ecosystem for running decentralized applications and advertising transactions in a safer, transparent and cost-effective manner. SaTT’s reliable token exchange offers heightened protection against fraud. The platform’s features of efficient decentralization, relevant statistics and prompt payments have caught the eyes of content creators, advertisers and investors worldwide.

By appointing Onchain Custodian to oversee treasury management, SaTT attempts to solve the prevailing concern of cash security within the blockchain ecosystem. The partnership is set to offer comprehensive reporting services to facilitate efficient and transparent management of investors’ digital asset holdings.

Significant long-term treasury planning

Headquartered in Singapore, Onchain Custodian offers secure third-party custody services and open finance products to its customers, which include token projects, such as Neo and Ontology, as well as tailored wealth management for high-net-worth individuals and family offices across Asia.

Onchain Custodian will actively manage the SaTT treasury by implementing an established hedging and return strategy. Investors and clients of SaTT can be confident that Onchain Custodian, as an independent third party, will execute the strategy independently and without being affected by external factors.

Since its inception, Onchain Custodian has worked on developing partnerships with the best service providers in the field of blockchain technology, the latest being SaTT. The partnership will focus on providing quality cybersecurity and financial crime compliance services to facilitate efficient and transparent management of investors’ digital asset holdings.

A lack of compliance when it comes to token projects securing their funds can affect token holders’ confidence and can also impact token value. This is why cutting-edge platforms like SaTT are opting for third-party custody solutions that can help make large-format transactions safer. By partnering with one of the leading custody service providers of Asia Pacific, SaTT is set to leverage the best combination of technology and security through Onchain Custodian’s institutional products.

Scaling greater heights

Before announcing its partnership with Onchain Custodian, SaTT had also made public its listing on one of the leading crypto exchanges of the world — HitBTC. 

SaTT has recently undergone an enhanced audit by Xangle and received the highest rating in the “Technical Audit and Legal Memo” section. SaTT seems all set to strengthen its security and audit to the maximum to reassure investors and earn the valued recognition of a transparent and trusted player.