Savl, a renowned self-custodial crypto wallet app, has launched its groundbreaking new Community feature, designed to unite all crypto users and create a vibrant and supportive ecosystem. Community aims to make the blockchain experience social to create an engaged and interactive transactional community.

Savl’s Community feature allows users to create custom profiles and build a network of like-minded followers. Users can connect with creators and brands to contribute, share content and start conversations. They can engage in discussion threads that feel personal and contextual, enabling them to expand their reach in the crypto world.

A critical aim of the Community feature is to boost engagement. Savl users can now share and gain knowledge, experiences and insights, promoting a more informed and collaborative ecosystem.


Community augments networking and collaboration opportunities. The platform enables Savl users to build a strong network, explore investment opportunities and collaborate on joint projects. Through this, users can gauge market sentiment, detect developing trends and gain valuable perspectives from seasoned members of the community.

The benefits of the Community feature also extend to business partners who can directly engage with users, increase their brand visibility, share news and product updates, conduct user polls and enlist support and contributions for their projects. Savl Community aims to bridge the gap between businesses and crypto users, allowing for a more cohesive and engaging crypto ecosystem.

According to Sam Shalumov, CEO of Savl, “Community is more than just a feature — it’s a game-changer, heralding a new era of socializing the blockchain.”

Join Savl in creating a welcoming, vibrant and supportive community that embodies the spirit of crypto and Web3.


About Savl

Savl is a leading crypto wallet app with built-in KYT (Know Your Transaction) functionality. It is dedicated to bringing people together and making the world of cryptocurrency accessible and enjoyable for all. With the new Community feature, Savl continues its innovative journey by providing a platform where all crypto enthusiasts can come together to share, learn and grow.