February 24, 2022 — Scalable Solutions, a global cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure provider, has released a white label custodial wallet app for digital assets. 

Scalable Solutions is a global blockchain-technology-infrastructure powerhouse developing institutional-grade trading software that serves as a business-to-business solution for exchanges and brokers. The white label platform has processed orders cumulatively worth more than $3 trillion and counts clients in the top 30 exchanges in the world. 

Scalable Solution’s mobile wallet app is designed for ease of use, without compromising on security. Its intuitive design ensures that users of all levels, from beginners to professional traders, will find it user-friendly and fit for purpose. 

The custodial wallet’s features include: 

  • High-level security and access, featuring two-factor authentication and identity verification, biometric access through TouchID or FaceID, as well as passcode functionality.

  • Ultimate ease of use, with all wallets and balances summarized in one dashboard and support for all popular payment methods.

  • Individual wallet personalization for users, including a tailored news feed per coin, transaction monitoring, and crypto news — all with light or dark modes to choose from. 

The mobile wallet is currently available as integration to Scalable’s white label exchange clients, who can brand the wallet according to their needs. Users can buy, send, receive and swap every asset listed on the exchange. The Scalable whitelist exchange has more than 1,500 trading pairs and 600-plus digital assets to choose from.

The custodial cryptocurrency wallet is a promising add-on to the white label exchange, offering a comprehensive and secure solution to exchanges that want to attract and retain more users. 

Valerie Belova, head of business development at Scalable Solutions, said, “The Scalable custodial wallet caters to a range of users at various trading levels. It’s user-friendly and simple to use for the people just starting out with investing digital assets while also having features such as floating and fixed rates that would appeal to more advanced traders.”

Interested parties can easily get in touch with the Scalable team by requesting a demo.