Singapore, Nov. 14, 2022SpaceBelt and Scope Asia announce a collaborative partnership to develop metaverse applications on blockchain technology in space via SpaceBeltTM data security-as-a-service (DSaaS). With Scope Asia, experiences in the satellite industry and the domain of applications design and development will offer a blockchain hard wallet, blockchain communication service based on satellite and also metaverse applications to a global community.

Kok Rie Ooi, managing director at SpaceBelt, said:

“The fundamental building block of the metaverse is using blockchain technology, which forms the bedrock, as most of the metaverse applications run on blockchains. The future of the web, a.k.a Web3, is all about decentralization, and blockchain shall further play a vital role in metaverse development. Blockchain is cryptographically secure and can protect transactions whether it is used to store in-game assets, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, virtual real estate, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), etc. We are very excited to collaborate with Scope Asia and bring the virtual world to space.”

SpaceBelt is creating the world’s first planned open-source cloud infrastructure and data storage service based in space. SpaceBelt seeks to revolutionize the way data can be securely transferred and stored by using its patented SpaceBelt architecture utilizing geostationary-Earth-orbiting satellites between the customer’s enterprise locations and the SpaceBelt low-Earth-orbiting network. This provides the strongest security possible by offering global isolation from the terrestrial infrastructure of an enterprise or government organization’s high-value, highly sensitive, mission-critical data assets.

Sunn Kim, CEO of Scope Asia, said:

“Turning into this century, there are two technological advancements being discussed: to the space and metaverse. Collaboration with SpaceBelt will integrate these two business and life fundamentals and produce a trusted platform for them. There will be a number of new and long-standing applications out of this integration.”

Scope will develop and operate a dedicated wallet service for Vacuum Coin, which will be utilized in the Metaverse Union (MU). The wallet will be linked with the DSaaS satellite service provided by SpaceBelt to prevent the loss of the wallet and provide a full recovery service for personal wallets, a first-of-its-kind service that will bring users a new level of cryptocurrency wallet experience. Scope’s Vacuum Wallet service will provide a full-fledged satellite service that overcomes the limitations of unstable networks and the failure of servers. It will be a step closer to realizing the human dream in space.

Management consulting firm McKinsey in a recent report estimated that the metaverse could generate $4 trillion–$5 trillion across consumer and enterprise use cases by 2030. The metaverse is simply too big to be ignored. It will have a major impact on our commercial and personal lives, which is why businesses, policymakers, consumers and citizens are well-advised to explore and understand as much as they can about this phenomenon, the technology that will underpin it, and the ramifications it will have for both our economies and wider society.

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Scope is a blockchain company that was established in South Korea and North America in 2021. We are developing a decentralized next-generation social media platform on Web3 aiming to replace the old social media services maintained for over about 10 years. We are also working on projects such as a launchpad, NFTrip travel voucher, play-to-earn and Vaccum Wallet based on satellite technology for blockchain users and partners around the world.

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