March 31, 2022 - SecondLive, the fastest-growing metaverse in the industry, is set to host a hip-hop concert featuring Quavo from Migos. The show will take place on April 15 and serves as SecondLive’s joint event with Innocent Cats, the nonfungible token (NFT) project dedicated to music lovers in the Web3 world.

Concert forecasting video clips

At the moment, SecondLive is the only active and truly social metaverse that can concurrently accommodate 5,000 users. This capability is an important feature that distinguishes SecondLive from other metaverses on the market. It allows for shows like these to happen on an ongoing basis, and as per the team’s plans, it is exactly what they intend to do for their fast-expanding user base. 

Quavo’s metaverse debut

Every concert needs a featuring artist, and one will be hard-pressed to find a better contender for the role other than Quavo. Being the usual in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Quavo’s collaboration with SecondLive comes as a no-brainer, as it is the only metaverse that can provide a fully concert-like experience and house thousands of people. 

Migos requires no introduction, and Quavo is arguably the most vibrant part of the American hip-hop trio. His tracks “Working Me,” ”Lamb Talk” and “Bubble Gum” have jumped most of the imaginable charts, and that’s without mentioning feats with Travis Scott and Lil Uzi. The artist’s social following combined is comparable to the population of Spain, floating a tad above 46 million. This serves as a hint to the scale of the event that SecondLive is about to kickstart. Moreso, given Quavo’s influence, it is already considered to be the key milestone in the development of the metaverse industry.

Given the magnitude of the event, Quavo has praised the move toward the virtual concert, posting the following on his Twitter account: “I’m very happy to be collaborating with @innocentcatsNFT for my first metaverse concert. Innocent Cats, let us enjoy the incredible journey. I am looking forward to a wonderful metaverse experience.” 

Social and creative aspects

The concert will take place in the stunningly designed SecondLive stadium. The platform itself is considered to be the most promising new metaverse project on the market. It is governed by a create-to-earn economy model, meaning that its users are at will to self-express to the fullest, materializing their creative ideas and then earning from them. Users get to design their avatars, complete tasks, compete with others and most importantly, create content and streams that can then be monetized. Concerts, exhibitions and Quavo’s metaverse debut are part of the mix. 

SecondLive’s growth is one for the books as its current 700,000 registered members continues to expand. Furthermore, with the integration of proprietary user-generated content tools and AI content creation, the metaverse’s headcount is set to reach truly record-breaking numbers. The team states that there are a plethora of other tools in development, and therefore, SecondLive will continue to evolve beyond the industry standards. 

Quavo’s metaverse concert virtual stadium built by SecondLive

More on SecondLive and the show

Up to 5,000 people are expected to come to Quavo’s virtual gig, so perhaps one should register in advance. Once in, attendees will be able to roam around, chat with others and make friends. But when Quavo takes the stage, get ready for the anthems everyone knows and loves:

  • “Lamb Talk”
  • “Workin Me”
  • “Go All The Way”
  • “Paper Over Here”
  • “Strub Tha Ground”
  • “Go Off”
  • “Pass Out.” 

Unlike other names in the metaverse industry, SecondLive places its bets on close-to-realistic graphics, which comes as a breath of fresh air for the medium. It offers its users an immediate social interaction that is otherwise missing on other platforms. Users can synchronize their identity information with other decentralized apps to realize a real borderless social connection. SecondLive is all about letting its users be free to create the content they want and then earn from that content in multiple ways. The platform acts as a true Web3 world, accessible to everyone through standard internet browsers. There are no strict hardware requirements, and more importantly, SecondLive rightfully claims to be one of the most up-and-coming social metaverses in the industry.