Anonverse is a multi-element decentralized autonomous application (DAO) platform that integrates a fully decentralized noncustodial protocol, security solutions, a launchpad and GameFi. 

The Anonverse Twitter has drawn more than 171,000 followers and stands out among projects that have made grants on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) network, reaching the highest donation amount ever. Two rounds of grants cumulatively received more than $5 million in support from hacking enthusiasts worldwide, which laid the foundation for the development of The Anonverse DAO. In the past four months, Anonverse has cooperated with more than 20 institutions such as the Binance NFT marketplace, BitKeep Wallet, Coinhub, Nabox, Aave, Onto Wallet and PaClub to conduct interviews, airdrops and initial decentralized exchange (IDO) activities.

Corresponding to the current nonfungible token (NFT) craze, 1,000 Crypto War.V NFT mystery boxes were sold out in one second after being released on the Binance NFT marketplace on Feb. 19. At the same time, Anonverse cooperated with CoinMarketCap, BitKeep Wallet, Gameway and other crypto platforms to airdrop thousands of NFTs to users. 

GameFi gives NFTs actual economic benefits through play-to-earn and player-versus-player, benefiting users as game props. If users want to buy Crypto War.V NFTs, it’s advisable to go to the official website and Twitter for purchase. Risk during private transactions is high — take caution to prevent fraud.

The Anonverse project is currently in its IDO stage: 

  • Price: $0.0002
  • Currency: Tether (USDT
  • Network: BSC

The launchpad has collaborated with:

  • @DaoStarter — a hard cap of $30,000 has ended
  • @BitKeep Wallet — a hard cap of $50,000 has ended
  • @PaClub — a hard cap of $30,000 has ended
  • @ DeFiGoldminer — a hard cap of $20,000 has ended 
  • @Anon_Metaverse — a hard cap of $1.97 million ended today at 2:00 pm UTC.


Anonverse is a multi-element autonomous application platform, whch included V. DAO, V .CASH, Crypto War.V, V.Launchpad, V.Audit, it will integrate the ecosystem of Security Audit, Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, DAO.

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