Seedify, the leading Web3 gaming, NFT, metaverse and AI-focused launchpad, has announced the exclusive launch of its latest incubation project, Shockwaves.

Shockwaves is the latest project to be fully incubated by Seedify AI Labs, following the overwhelming support for expansion into AI. This time around, Seedify brings an AI-powered project with a small initial market cap (less than $50,000 excluding liquidity) and a lot of room for growth and instant adoption, which should most likely lead to a successful launch in terms of ROI.

Seedify just recently launched another AI project — ChainGPT, that gained more than 40 times its initial DEX offering (IDO) price. By selecting projects with immediate use cases and utility from day one, Seedify aims to generate high returns for the community and expand the user base rapidly.


Shockwaves uses AI NFTs to create distinctive, music-infused first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay set in algorithmically generated cities that allow players to earn and spend money within the game’s economy using the Neuros token.

The Web3 gaming platform introduced 2,222 AI-driven nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as players. These NFTs possess unique skills, backgrounds and personalities that can either be controlled by their owners or operate independently during gameplay. They are designed to play alongside human gamers and can interact with them in chat conversations. Additionally, each NFT player has its own digital wallet, which enables them to participate in the game’s economy by earning and spending money.

The platform’s unique features and focus on AI and NFTs make it one of the most exciting new entrants in the gaming space.

Another of Shockwaves’ unique features is the integral role of music in gameplay. The music affects the players’ movement and weapon damage, impacting the game’s environment and directly affecting the players’ weapons, which respond differently to the rhythm and beat of the music.

“Deep learning” technology extracts important music features, which are converted into in-game events and visual effects. This provides an experience never seen before in a game, creating an engaging and immersive gameplay experience.

Shockwaves is designed to be easy to learn but difficult to master, appealing to both Web3 and Web2 gamers. The game’s distinctive gameplay mechanics appeal to a broad audience, and the music-driven gameplay makes it a unique and compelling experience.

Players can also use AI to populate their lands, and their abilities evolve as they continue to play through machine learning.

The game’s maps are created through algorithmic generation, resulting in a wide range of distinct and thrilling gameplay encounters. Furthermore, each map can be possessed and traded as a nonfungible token (NFT), with the owner receiving a percentage of the tokens earned from that particular map.

Landowners can customize their lands by adding advertisements and selecting their favorite playlist to be played on the map. Furthermore, if the landowner owns any AIs, their AI will learn and improve based on the meta of the maps.

At the end of each game, players can rate the map they played on, influencing which maps are selected for future games. The rating system encourages landowners to carefully select their music playlists and advertisements to create a positive experience for players. It also incentivizes the trading of land NFTs, as some maps will be more highly valued than others.

Shockwaves is the brainchild of a team of experienced engineers based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The team has a wealth of experience in creating multiplayer video games, having already released six titles to their credit.

Token and utilities

The project’s primary token is a BEP-20 token called Neuros. It has a total supply of 100 million and can be used for the following:

  • In-game currency — Neuros is the primary in-game currency that allows players to buy in-game items and loot boxes.
  • Staking — Neuros can be staked and, depending on the amount staked, impacts the rewards received, which come in the form of loot boxes, NFTs and tokens. For example, if a wallet holder stakes 100 tokens, they will receive a 30% reward boost.
  • Governance rights — token holders who stake Neuros can participate in project governance by voting for important decisions and community proposals.

AI-IDO information

AI-Initial Dex Offering (IDO) Information:

The AI-IDO will take place exclusively on Seedify’s platform on 28 April 2023.

Name: (Name and ticker of the token): $Neuros

Token Type: BNB CHain

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Initial Mcap (excl. liq.): $49,990

Listing Date: May 01, 2023 on PancakeSwap

Listing Price: $0.02

Market Makers: Kairon Labs

Phase 1: Private Sale (1 pm to 3 pm UTC):

Date: April 28, 2023

Price: $0.0185

Allocation: 91,5k

Vesting: 6% at listing, 2 months cliff, 12 months daily

Phase 1: Public Sale (1 pm to 3 pm UTC):

Date:  April 28, 2023

Price: $0.02

Allocation: 350k

Vesting: 10% at listing, 2 months cliff, 9 months daily

Phase 2: Private Sale - First Come First Serve (FCFS): 4.30 pm UTC

Phase 2: Public Sale - First Come First Serve (FCFS): 5 pm UTC

For more information on IDOs and IGOs, please refer to the guide on how to participate in IDOs on Seedify.

About Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming and metaverse incubator and launchpad, as well as an NFT launchpad empowering innovators and project developers with access to funding, community building, marketing and a high-calibre partnership network, with a full support system to help bring premier games, NFTs and metaverse projects to our community. Seedify has also started AI-related project IDOs starting in 2023.

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