Seedify is a leading incubator and launchpad platform committed to fostering blockchain gaming growth and adoption by both supporting and spearheading innovation in a rapidly growing and evolving technology space. 

The Seedify team’s consistent focus on enhancing its abilities to provide value in the GameFi space has led to the addition of various new products, building a robust ecosystem. 

With 40 successful project launches and industry-leading service and expertise — coupled with the support of a large, consistently growing community of tokenholders — Seedify has established itself as the go-to launch platform in the blockchain gaming sector. 

NFTs, gaming and the future of the metaverse 

Nonfungible tokens (NFT) have attracted significant attention in mainstream society in the past year, with non-crypto artists, buyers and even celebrities creating collections and spending large sums of money on digital art pieces. 

While undeniably valuable as art, the integration of NFTs in gaming and metaverses offers a much broader spectrum of applications and use cases for the technology. 

The ability to prove ownership of intangible assets has opened doors that will transform how humans exist as a species. People are on the verge of entering an exciting new era, with the ability to bring their existence into virtual worlds via digital NFT assets that include clothes, houses, cars, pets and more. They will be able to interact in environments where their real lives and virtual lives intersect, and the boundaries of space and time won’t control or limit one’s ability to create exciting new stories and experiences. 

As an innovation leader, Seedify is positioning itself at the forefront of this exciting future, introducing a groundbreaking new master product, Seedify NFT Space, on Jan. 24. 

Seedify NFT Space 

Seedify NFT Space will feature an innovative gaming-and-metaverse-centric asset marketplace. The platform will cater solely to those assets and its ever-increasing interconnected use cases, multiverse integrations and countless exciting applications that haven’t been conceived yet. 

Seedify NFT Space will address the shortcomings of current NFT marketplaces and their inability to adequately accommodate utility-based metaverse and in-game assets collections, featuring lower fees and a user-friendly interface with intuitive, space-specific asset research tools.

More than an NFT marketplace 

Along with the marketplace, Seedify NFT Space will feature additional functions to connect gamers and collectors with creators and project owners while adding new use cases to Seedify’s native token, SFUND. 

A crowdfunding mechanism — similar to Kickstarter — will allow users to pre-purchase or fund collections to receive pre-mint spots. This function will present mutually beneficial opportunities to creators, gamers and collectors, introducing additional options to support and launch new NFT asset collections. 

The platform will include an auto-launch function, giving creators and projects access to a network of launchpads. Seedify’s initial game (IGO), NFT (INO) and metaverse (IMO) offering launchpads will initially be available — along with marketing support, advisory and industry partners. 

Each transaction a user makes on the Seedify NFT Space marketplace will allow an opportunity to win an NFT prize, awarded through a random number generator (RNG) mechanism. Some rewards will be more valuable than others, with larger transactions having greater chances to receive rarer NFT drops. Fifty percent of the marketplace fees will be used to fund the RNG NFT prize pool. 

A new token and airdrop 

Seedify NFT Space will bring additional utility to SFUND, with Seedify’s native token used to crowdfund creators and collections along with new opportunities on Seedify’s IGO, INO and IMO launchpads. 

With the new platform’s native token, SNFTS, users will be able to enjoy 1% marketplace fees versus 2% when using other tokens, along with increased RNG rates to receive rarer NFT reward drops. SNFTS will be used to create a treasury to fund future collaborations, marketing and expansions. 

Seedify will not offer any SNFTS tokens for sale. Instead, the tokens will be airdropped to SFUND token holders on a 20-to-one basis, SNFTS to SFUND. Strategic snapshots taken during a course of five weeks will determine the number of tokens each holder will receive. 

Seedify will also take snapshots and airdrop SNFTS tokens to OpenSea users and wallets holding NFTs from certain blue-chip collections to facilitate a widespread and diverse launch of this new platform. 

More information about Seedify NFT Space will be shared over the next few days as Seedify strives to build a platform that fully supports and drives innovation in the blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystems. 

Learn more about Seedify NFT Space on the website.

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