Seedify, the leading blockchain gaming and nonfungible token (NFT) launchpad and incubator, is about to launch its new utility token, SNFTS. This will be the primary token for the upcoming NFT marketplace that Seedify is building, providing higher chances of joining NFT launches that will take place on the Seedify NFT launchpad. 

When Seedify first launched, it promoted a huge SFUND airdrop to ensure the maximum number of people in the crypto space would have access to its ecosystem and enjoy all the advantages it was preparing for them. 

It proved to be the best-performing free token distribution of 2021. This initial airdrop saw, on average, a gain of $18,000 in value and a $350-million market capitalization at the 2021 market all-time high.

Since then, Seedify has launched over 50 projects with a proven success history and has entered the NFT space with an NFT platform and marketplace that will bring a new stream of investment opportunities. 

In addition, this will attract new community members who want to take advantage of the many opportunities associated with owning and minting NFTs on Seedify’s platform.

On Aug. 31, 2022, Seedify will launch its NFT token, SNFTS, and to celebrate, it is initiating free distributions of SNFTS to a number of top NFT communities.

New NFT communities that will join the Seedify ecosystem

At the beginning of the year, Seedify announced its first partners for the NFT Community Snapshots: Neo Tokyo, founded by Alex Becker, and JRNY Club, founded by JRNY Crypto. 

Both of these founders are also advisors for Seedify and are building amazing communities that are revolutionizing the NFT space, particularly in the blockchain gaming and metaverse fields.

Over the past few weeks, Seedify revealed other notable NFT community airdrops on Twitter and will continue to announce these until Aug. 30, one day prior to the claim.

Major NFT communities that have been revealed include:

With the free SNFTS via Seedify’s airdrop, these communities will be able to access the Seedify NFT Space products, which come with the following advantages and perks:

  • Whitelist allocations — facilitated through extensive due diligence mechanisms that will bring forth utility-based NFT launches, particularly focusing on blockchain gaming and metaverse, hosted on Seedify’s NFT launchpad.
  • Kickstarter-like functions — where users can fund collections before they are fully available, to get mint spots, freebies and more. 
  • Auto-launch functions — facilitated by a network of launchpads starting from Seedify’s initial game offering, initial metaverse offering and initial NFT offering launchpads initially and subject to our tier participation strategy. 
  • Reward functions — each trade that happens on Seedify NFT Space has a random number generator (RNG)-based reward chance. These rewards will come in the form of NFTs and bought through a pool that gets funded through 50% of the trade commission fees.
  • Cheaper transactions — which will lower transaction fees and increase RNG rates of getting rarer NFT rewards.

How communities can claim their SNFTS:

SNFTS will be claimable on Seedify’s website on Aug. 31, 2022: 25% of SNFTS will be claimable at the token generation event (TGE), with a further 25% each following month for a total of four months. Staking and farming pools will also be available from the TGE.

Airdrop qualifiers can simply follow three steps to claim their SNFTS:

  1. Go to Seedifys SNFTS website.
  2. Click on “Claim Now.”
  3. Connect their wallet.

To stay up to date with Seedify’s announcements and to purchase SFUND, please refer to the following links: 

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