Seedify, the premier launchpad focused on Web3 Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse and AI, is gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of its latest incubation project, Orbofi AI.

This cutting-edge initiative marks Seedify’s continued commitment to expanding into the realm of artificial intelligence in response to overwhelming support from the community.

Following the success of ChainGPT, a previous AI project launched on Seedify’s platform that experienced a remarkable 40-fold increase from its initial listing price, Seedify continues to represent its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and driving success within the AI ecosystem.


What is Orbofi AI?

Orbofi AI is a multi-app generative AI platform revolutionizing the Web3 space with its cutting-edge technology. With over 50,000 users and over 25 million AI-generated assets, Orbofi AI has become the most used and adopted AI engine in the Web3 community.

Orbofi AI stands out with its multi-purpose generative AI platform and infrastructure. It serves as the “Amazon of AI content models” for Web3, games, apps and online communities. The platform empowers users to generate AI assets for games and media, create and monetize fine-tuned AI models and take their creativity to new heights.

Big names on board

Orbofi AI is gaining traction within Web3 and collaborating with prominent figures and brands to empower them and their audiences. Hollywood actor Danny Trejo and social media app Triller, with over 200 million users, are among the notable names working with Orbofi AI.

Additionally, Orbofi AI has built an official metaverse space for the Qatar World Cup 2022, showcasing the potential of its AI content infrastructure.

The ultimate generative AI engine

Orbofi AI is a game-changer in the world of generative AI engines. Its goal is to unlock individuals’ and groups’ creative and social potential in the digital space. With Orbofi AI, users can effortlessly generate high-quality AI 2D and 3D assets and create fine-tuned AI models in just a few clicks.

It is the only platform enabling mass search, creation, tokenization and monetization of AI-generated content and models within a single ecosystem.

Technology highlights

The technological prowess of Orbofi AI is evident through its flagship product, Orbofi AI BlueSky. This tool allows users to create AI models, known as virtual factories, that can produce hundreds of assets. Furthermore, these assets can be tokenized on the blockchain, adding a new dimension to their value and ownership. With over 25 million available assets and an advanced search algorithm, Orbofi AI provides a rich data hub for users to train their own AI models.

Orbofi AI recently launched its mainnet on BNBChain, a significant step toward democratizing on-chain AI-generated content for the masses.

Creating and tokenizing AI assets


Orbofi AI offers a range of AI frameworks, including:

  • Text to image
  • Image to image
  • Depth to image

Enabling users worldwide to create high-quality assets quickly and efficiently. These assets can be tokenized as NFT collections on blockchain networks like BNB Chain and Polygon, allowing for unique ownership and value creation.

The power of virtual good factories

With Orbofi AI’s factory system, users can create virtual goods factories or AI models that act as powerful infrastructure for producing consistent and style-specific assets. These factories can be utilized for various types of assets, such as characters, props, architecture, marketing assets, 3D models and sounds, which can then be monetized.

OBI Token

The Orbofi AI token (OBI) is an ERC-20 utility and governance token that acts as a currency to power the production and distribution of AI-generated content on Web3 applications, games and media apps.

It powers AI models (virtual goods factories) that revolutionize global virtual good production and produce entire standalone gaming and media ecosystems.

OBI also acts as the main currency to fuel the economy of user-generated AI models and factories, allowing individuals and developers to monetize their AI assets.

The Orbofi AI team

The Orbofi AI global and remote-first team comprises ex-Ubisoft developers, ThreeFold, experienced AI and machine learning researchers and engineers, with advisors from Google Cloud and Nintendo.

The founder Benjelloun Oussama was part of one of the first teams building NFT products in 2017.

The core members of the team are founder and CEO Benjelloun Oussama, lead AI/ML developer Samuel Boylan-Sajou, lead system engineer Kevin Amores and lead blockchain developer Elisha Bulalu.

IDO information:

  • Name and ticker:: OBI
  • Token type: BNB Chain
  • Total supply: 2 billion
  • Initial market cap (excluding liquidity): $278,400
  • IDO date: May 25
  • IDO price: $0.008
  • Listing date: May 29
  • Listing price: $0.008
  • Listing venue: PancakeSwap, CEX to be announced
  • Allocation: 400,000 BUSD
  • Vesting period: 10% at the listing, two months cliff, eight months daily (block-to-block)
  • Market makers: Kairon Labs

For more information on IDOs, check out the Seedify guide on how to participate in IDOs on Seedify.

About Seedify

Seedify is a Web3 gaming, AI, NFT and metaverse incubator and launchpad, empowering innovators and project developers with access to funding, community building, marketing, and a high-caliber partnership network with a full support system to help bring premier games, AI, NFT and metaverse projects to its community. Refer to the following links to learn more about Seedify and Seedworld (Seedify’s UGC-based Gaming Metaverse).



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