Freedom International Group announced the investment of 4million USD in Sessia for its global expansion. Sessia is actively expanding to Vietnamese, USA, Russian and European countries. And Sessia expects that the investment from Freedom Group will bring 1,500 merchants more in 2020 and 5,000 merchants in 2021 and 500,000 users in 2020 and 2,000,000 users by the end of 2021.

First-ever cashback system built on blockchain technology, Sessia is a new-generation social network which enables customers to purchase goods and services based on their friends’ recommendations while being rewarded with cryptocurrency cashback anywhere in the world. With Sessia's most revolutionary business app, you can attract new customers and keep them loyal to your business. This allows you to set up a mobile eShop and manage it in Sessia ecosystem on all available platforms. Even inexpert users can easily manage goods, services and control orders. Sessia makes business smart.

When it comes to Sessia's approach in attracting new businesses, Sessia has a sales team in each country that meets requisites of different businesses from coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, night clubs, and more. With cashback, Sessia helps to attract new users and build better relationships with existing clients. This is one of the effective methods of preserving customer loyalty. This approach motivates the customer to recommend the brand to a maximum number of friends, increasing brand awareness, customer loyalty and profits. Brands get an easy and extremely convenient mobile solution to create an online store with a built-in crypto cashback system. Offline shops can use cashbacks to increase customer base, attract new types of customers and cut down on marketing costs. Sessia provides special classes for the businesses in order to help them get more familiar with their application. They already have more than 400 merchants in the app and around 400,000 strong communities of users. Sessia has now more than 50 programmers and around 90 employees in total.

Building eCommerce website via mobile goes one step ahead and combines with the SessiaMarket, giving you the ability to choose between three levels of cashback commission rewards for your customers. Sessia is mainly focused on business needs while catering to the online social needs of consumers and regular users. It is designed in such a way that the companies using the platform achieve their goals of advertising, promotions, and sales. At the same time, this benefits users with attractive deals, cashback, and loyalty programs and satisfies their need to interact with friends, family, and peers. Sessia is a social network where one can buy all they need and earn money at the same time. Currently, Sessia has offices in the USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia, and Austria. Also, the community of loyal customers surpasses more than 400 businesses. It has built a robust ecosystem with the platform being accessible on the web, or through mobile applications available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

In order to make their services available anywhere in the world, they issue tokens, also known as kicks. They offer the fastest and most economical way to award cashback. They are not just another cryptoasset, but a valuable means of settlement exchange among all Sessia participants. By simply developing their social marketplace, they can drastically ramp up the intensity of digital coin use in the real economy. Underlying blockchain infrastructure is fuelled by KICKS token which also acts as a universal medium of value exchange within the ecosystem, further supported by fiat and cryptocurrency payment options.

So, how is Sessia changing the ecosystem of online sales with its global expansion? Let’s hear it from Sessia’s Founder and President, Narek Sirakanyan. “We believe in Sessia and its future and clearly see the niche market for that product. We aren't just developing the most revolutionary business app - we are changing the eco-system of modern online sales. Now, any business, big or small, can not only attract new clients without the help of third parties but also promote loyalty, while clients can earn money from their own and their friends' purchases. This shows that Sessia is really helping businesses today, by facilitating business expansion and taking care of Information Technology processes for any business with cost-effective solutions.”

About Sessia

Sessia LLC - established by Narek Sirakanyan with a mission to remove any intermediaries such as marketing agencies and social networks between businesses and customers, regardless of their location or origin. This helped to grow the business and decided on Sessia’s global expansion. Such an approach allows businesses to distribute a marketing budget among people who really brought in new clients without paying third parties for advertising. Sessia has enabled brands to directly communicate with customers, reward them for making purchases and promote their products to others via crypto-cashbacks worldwide.