ShellBoxes — a cybersecurity and blockchain consultancy firm — is securing the Web3 ecosystem and assisting emerging builders for the forthcoming bull market season. ShellBoxes offers numerous services, such as decentralized application (DApp) auditing, smart contract development and auditing, and DApp development. ShellBoxes recently won the prestigious DeFi Security Alliance (DSA) Cybersecurity Award for Outstanding Quality.

ShellBoxes has worked with over 100 clients, audited five million+ lines of code, secured over $1 billion in funds and assessed 500+ projects.


ShellBoxes’ services

ShellBoxes comprises a team of professionals in the blockchain and DApp security and building space. Team members are tasked with numerous services like smart contract auditing, where they detect and correct existing vulnerabilities in clients’ smart contracts through a series of extensive, in-depth testing.

ShellBoxes deploys a team to assist clients in identifying exploitation on either the smart contract or off-chain code. Additionally, the firm offers blockchain and smart contract development services, offering clients an opportunity to benefit from a genuinely scalable, transparent, reliable and secure blockchain network and smart contract.

Through a well-grounded and robust audit process, ShellBoxes is working to rekindle the trust of Web3 community members in projects they engage with, guaranteeing a safer ecosystem for existing and prospective users.

Smart contract audit process

ShellBoxes runs a three-layered audit process. In the first stage, the security company requires clients to provide ample information about the context and purpose of the project. This information will help the team better understand the code and business logic.

A thorough inspection for potential vulnerabilities in all aspects of the smart contract ensues. If bugs or attack vectors are found, a remediation plan and recommendations for immediate implementation are provided. After that, the team will initiate a counter-audit as part of its plan to ensure the remediation process is successful.

Clients and recent projects 

ShellBoxes’ recent audit was the Sukiyaki Finance decentralized exchange audit which posed several challenges, the prominent being the ability to efficiently balance vital factors such as speed, efficiency, scope and accuracy. The ShellBoxes team employed both manual and automated testing to detect logic errors and broaden the scope of security assessment, respectively. After in-depth testing, the team discovered vulnerabilities that were expeditiously resolved to prevent exploitation.

ShellBoxes also reviewed and subsequently audited Kommunitas’ v3 staking contract to dispel vulnerabilities that could compromise the project’s security. Additionally, the team reviewed and audited CapFinance, Unicrypt, DefySwap, Star Atlas and Naos Finance smart contracts.

About ShellBoxes

ShellBoxes is a leading Web3 company with a focus on providing quality blockchain security and development services. The company consists of a group of professionals with both experience and knowledge of the blockchain and DApps security industries. ShellBoxes hopes to rekindle trust in the Web3 community by auditing existing projects.

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