The long-awaited Sin City metaverse virtual land sale has come and gone but the echoes of this auspicious event will forever remain in the mind of agile community members who participated in the initial land offering (ILO). To a few investors, the land sales were just another avenue to speculate what the lands would be worth in the near future, be it for a quick money grab, especially as that has been the norm in many metaverses existing out there. However, there was a twist of events when investors realized that unlike other metaverses out there, the Sin City lands are wired to the nonfungible token (NFT) gaming currently being developed. This simply means that ownership of any one piece of the land in the metaverse will determine, to a large extent, your survival and earning potential in the Sin City gaming environment.

The “Rated R” metaverse continues to make frantic efforts and commitments to ensure that the final product will be a reflection of what a true metaverse sporting NFT gaming at its best should be – a fusion of realistic 3D gaming, barren and built urban environment which forms the virtual real estate, virtual reality and blockchain technology where in-game assets are embellished NFTs. There are a total of 15,000 plots of land measuring over 1,000 square feet (10 x 10m2), carefully zoned into 17 districts. Each of the districts has their own background story and gameplay but the most noticeable identifying mark will be whether the district is a low-security zone or high-security zone. This feature is what will determine the economic mainstay of that district and, by extension, players’ roles.

See below for the summarized benefit of owning lands in any of the four districts that just got sold out.

Red Light District

Naturally, landowners will be able to build their own adult entertainment venues, ranging from lap dancing clubs to high-end gentleman establishments which offer, well, additional services at a premium. Landowners can choose their own path to find wealth in the Red Light District. If you own a strip club, you can earn income from users who enter the Strip club for a dance. This improves an in-game character’s statistics by receiving a boost in health and stamina. You can, of course, also own a brothel that will come tagged with a premium license (cheaper than the ones you would find in The Strip). The boosts to in-game character statistics from receiving such services are much higher than a typical lap dance. Game players need to be careful that they’re not lured into a trap though, or this could end up being a costly affair.

Cartel District

The Cartel District is a low-security zone that is a perfect fit for players who want to live on the edge and build facilities that cater to the needs of drug consumers. Lands in these districts can either be used to farm coca plants or marijuana. Landowners can also build narcotic processing factories in their lands and warehouses for gun runners and safe houses to serve as hideouts for the notorious elements in cartel districts during Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raids. As with every district, players can also create their own faction, join forces and contribute their quota to the growth of that district. The more involved players get, the faster their earning potential will increase. 

Chinatown District

Chinatown is considered one of the most dangerous districts to reside in Sin City, being the home of fraud and corruption. Considered a low-security zone that will also be gang run, mainly by the Triads. In a low-security zone, it’s the factions and gangs that control these spaces. They won’t protect the entire region, just their territory. This region will see authentic Far East housing and crowded street markets. You can’t trust anybody in this region and it will house the most valuable asset in the entire ecosystem, cold hard cash and mythical Chinese medicine. If you’re skilled in the dark arts this is a place to call home and run your fraction.

With NPCs widely available to be killed, you will be able to obtain valuable in-game items such as guns, swords and cash which can be traded on the marketplace. Beware though, only the true Kingpins are successful here.

The Strip District

Considered the Las Vegas of the Blockchain, The Strip is considered a high-security safe zone allowing you to roam around freely. You can’t be attacked by other players. If you are, expect authorities to show up in the blink of an eye to protect you and lock up the offender. While safe to roam around, expect some hidden desires to be close nearby.

The Strip will be highly unique in that it will house the biggest Casinos in the Metaverse, all provided by various limited partners. Landowners can build their own distinct hotels here including high-end clubs and charge for entrance. More importantly, given that this is a high net wealth area, game players will be able to extract valuable resources which can be traded for in-game items such as designer watches for your in-game characters.

Upcoming events

The next land sale event has been scheduled to take place in February 2021. In the meantime, initial landowners have ample time to consider what to develop in their properties and also prepare for the next sales. Also coming next will be a bespoke and intuitive NFT marketplace and operational permits/licenses for landowners who aspire to set up businesses on their properties. 

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