• SingSing will soon become the first musical social finance (SocialFi) platform, with sing-to-earn features targeting a community of about four billion music lovers in Asia.

Sing-to-earn with AI-scoring technology

Ho Chi Minh, May 31, 2022 — Sing Sing Private Limited (SingSing) has announced the successful integration of AI-scoring technology with its SingSing app, allowing automatic scoring of singer performances.

SingSing’s AI-scoring technology is based on three criteria:

  • Voice-related factors, including the right music, voice quality and whether it reflects the singer well

  • While performing with the camera on, AI-scoring technology evaluates the singer’s appearance based on standard facial proportions.

  • The singers’ facial expressions are evaluated in comparison to the song. 

This is a breakthrough in community connection, as this one-of-a-kind AI-scoring technology is capable of connecting millions who love to sing together. 

The music industry’s first sing-to-earn SocialFi platform

SingSing has connected with more than 30 famous Asian singers and more than 40 million fans in Asia. The SingSing app can store thousands of popular songs in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The app’s community can sing along with their idols and be rewarded for their talents with SingSing-issued tokens used for several things from exchanging singer nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to purchasing experience NFTs for exclusive interactions with idols. The app offers countless exciting activities, with SingSing’s sing-to-earn model ensuring convenient accessibility and great entertainment.

SingSing wants to become a global musical SocialFi platform that welcomes users from all countries with its vast music collection from many more artists and cultures to come. 

SingSing has cooperated with leading rappers in Southeast Asia to issue NFTs and is in the process of finalizing sales and a test version of the SingSing NFT marketplace. The SingSing app’s trial version with sing-to-earn features will be released by the team in the third quarter of 2022.

About SingSing

SingSing is the pioneering music Web3 platform for passionate singers.