Sirius Labs debuted the Global Chia Hackathon, in cooperation with Chia Network, to invite developers around the world to build the foundation of Chia. 

Hackathons have become largely widespread and started to be increasingly admired by blockchain companies and investment institutions as a way to quickly build new applications and locate new areas for innovation. Many outstanding projects were born from these hackathons, which bring together excellent talents to shape the future of the blockchain industry. 

Sirius Labs, together with Chia Network and many other strategic partners, will host the Global Chia Hackathon, which takes place entirely online from July 17 to August 30, 2021. We want to attract strong technical teams or developers to see what can be built on Chia Network. 

Sirius Labs offers $500,000 as a prize pool and a final prize of up to $100,000 will be delivered to the winners, and the first 100 successfully submitted projects will receive a limited edition nonfungible token. 

Hackathon timeline

July 17-19 — Chialisp training camp: Connect and engage live with senior Chialisp experts and official Chia technical officers to learn about Chialisp programming before diving into hacking. 

July 18 - August 15 — Project submission: Developers submit their projects on the official website

August 15-30 — Workshop: Encompasses a series of events including an online live stream, AMA, meet-ups, etc. Developers will be required to present their final products to a panel of judges. 

Gene Hoffman, chief operating officer of Chia Network, excitedly stated that the Chia Hackathon participants will have technical experts from Chia Network available throughout the event to provide technical support. Chia Network hopes to make Chialisp known and used by more developers at the end of the hackathon. 

About Chia 

Chia Network was founded by Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent. It also includes executive leadership from Gene Hoffman, the former founder and CEO of eMusic and Vindicia, and also Misha Graboi as chief financial officer, who was formerly an internet equities analyst for Europe at Goldman Sachs and held various roles at Paamco Prisma, most recently as the CEO of Paamco Asia. 

Chia, referred to as the green Bitcoin (BTC) alternative, is based on a proof-of-space-time consensus algorithm. Chialisp is a new programming language and “a fundamentally better way of building smart transactions than what’s been built in the past.” It is powerful, easy to audit, and secure. 

Chia raised funding from various investment firms including Naval Ravikant, A16z, Greylock, True Ventures, MetaStable, DCM, Slow Ventures, Stillmark and Galaxy Investment Group, among others. Chia has landed a valuation of $500 million and plans to complete a fully compliant Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC-registered equity initial public offering on an accelerated schedule. 

About Sirius Labs 

Sirius Labs, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investment and incubation in the arena of science and technology. Our team comes from the United States, Norway, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Singapore and other regions. 

Sirius Labs launched the Sirius Hackathon in 2021, aimed to build a thriving community of blockchain developers worldwide and connect great ideas with investment institutions. We appreciate and develop every original idea well before introducing it to the whole world. 

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