Smartlink is excited to announce several new developments and a crucial partnership. Significant progress has been made on the Web 3.0 escrow front and marketplace. Additionally, Smartlink has forged a strategic partnership with CEA to build an ideal framework for digital and physical products. 

Dec. 23 — Vancouver, Canada — Smartlink continues to push the boundaries of developing a decentralized ecosystem providing much-needed Web 3.0 infrastructure. The team is focusing on escrow smart contracts, a decentralized marketplace, launchpad solutions, and a comprehensive decentralized finance (DeFi) suite. 

Smartlink entered a strategic partnership with the CEA, the world’s most innovative research institution, per Reuters. The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a government-funded research organization focused on energy, defense and security.

The CEA has worked with numerous prominent companies, including Engie, Vinci Technologies, Alstom and Tezos’ Tenderbake. Additionally, Smartlink and the CEA have worked together to help identify an ideal framework for the escrow module being built under the Smartlink banner. More importantly, the escrow module needs to function with both digital and physical products, which poses new opportunities and additional challenges.

With the help of the CEA, Smartlink will split work on the escrow module into two categories. One side is to look at the digital side of the spectrum, whereas the remainder of the focus lies with physical assets. Every category has its own set of utility and functionality that needs to be developed and supported. 

The partnership with the CEA will help leverage blockchain technology to build a broader decentralized finance ecosystem, excelling in security, performance and profitability. Moreover, it will focus on the Tezos blockchain, which provides a cheap, fast and efficient ecosystem.

A representative at the CEA made a note about the partnership:
“Smartlink ecosystem is the first to provide a full, non-custodial escrow service as well as a marketplace that allows users to exchange goods and services using cryptocurrencies.”

Ben Constanty, CEO and co-founder, added:

“We’re developing a solution that bridges the current trust deficit in retail and commercial transactions using smart contracts, which is a huge undertaking. Having a partner like the CEA at our side provides us with industry expertise and experience to foresee all the potential approaches and challenges we need to address through our escrow solution.”

The recent launch of its decentralized exchange (DEX), Vortex, confirms the commitment to DeFi and the Tezos ecosystem. In addition, the Vortex DEX supports yield farming incentives for various tokens on the Tezos blockchain, enhancing the appeal of what Smartlink brings to the table.

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Smartlink is developing a sustainable ecosystem of decentralized and scalable applications on top of the Tezos network, including a decentralized escrow service, a marketplace for crypto users and DeFi applications.

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