The real economy is one which is unstable and highly volatile which inconsequentially constitutes a high level of risk to the myriad of investors in the cryptocurrencies market. The digital sport and leisure crypto market just getting better with the launch of a new ERC20, SnL (Sport AND Leisure) TOKEN which comes in superior features as compared to other asset-backed coins. It is uniquely designed with the sole aim of solving a major problem in the crypto industry which is the absence of any solid connection to the real economy. Verified on Etherscan, It is to serve as a solid bridge between the traditional and digital sports and leisure industries. These tokens issued from the SnL token comes with a fixed change rate as opposed to other asset-backed coins which serves as shock absorber for the incessant fall and rise in the price of securities in the cryptocurrencies market. It is backed by Ethereum with 18181 SnL for each ETH as the minimum value of its token issued. The SnL token is currently valued at S0.00753618 ≈ 0.00005506 ETH. Market Cap at S1,673,056 and total supply 222,003,201/963,252,000. It has a current circulating supply of 222 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of S16,162.77 (Source: Coingecko - March 15, 2019)

The security and financial audit has been successfully done by Blockchain Development Inc. and certified by ISACA on February 2019. SnL TOKEN stands out of the lot which inevitably fall victim continuously to the unfavorable dictates of the real economy. It is indeed a good option for investors who are risk averse. It fits into the profile of an appropriate, efficient and effective hedging instrument in the cryto industry. Amidst the various risks in the cryptocurrencies market, SnL TOKEN offers investors the assurance of security of their investments in the crytocurrencies market. In the course of engaging in transactions on the cryptocurrencies market, SnL TOKEN creates a level of security which serves as a safe harbor for investors to avoid losses in the periods when losses are inevitable and cannot be avoided. These risks are reduced by a substantial amount or to the barest minimum. SnL TOKEN are highly reliable and stable which guarantees stable returns for the holders.

SnL TOKEN is the next best thing in the Sport and leisure crypto industry. The problems of being limited to the same games repeated over and over on the various platforms instead of new set of different games for the pleasure of the clients on the platforms, line ups created by various users are mostly identical, games are also in most cases too simple and the various asset-backed coins have high rakes. All these were given much thought and put into consideration and factored into the design of the token issued by SnL TOKEN. The tokens issued on the SnL TOKEN platform are more or less a remedy or solution to the above listed problems. It has its rake reduced by a great margin making it the token with the lowest rake in the industry. Also, holders and users of SnL TOKENS and platform respectively, get to enjoy innovative fantasy sports games on a daily basis which are exclusive only on SnL TOKEN in very near future. Games come with an extra layer of strategy which serves as additional safety measure for the investors as opposed to the oversimplified games of other platforms. Line ups are never the same as they are distinct from each other i.e. at no time are the line ups the same as they are arranged to be different from each other. 

It is worthy of note to know that SnL TOKEN is one of the only decentralized token platform in the world which makes it less restricted and more flexible in its operations. It qualifies as decentralized for a number of reasons amongst which is the fact that it is not subjected to the dictates of any governance i.e. the laws of any body of governance does not in any way influence the operations or decisions on the platform. As a result of this, it is more free-willed to counteract the risks arising in the changing environment of the market. Furthermore, there is no centralized management team that controls the outcome of the SnL tokens which makes it more easily adaptable to the changing environment. It also never had a Pre-ICO because to the University of Michigan, if any platform conducts Pre-ICO in other to raise funds, that platform is not decentralized but rather centralized. That’s because the funds raised are being held in the custody of a select group of people. To this effect, a valid proof is the release of 95% of SnL Token on already in the month of February. 

In addition, SnL TOKEN does not conduct blockchain and hard forks regularly or backward incompatible upgrades because this would without any doubt, technically entail SnL TOKEN is not decentralized. In a nutshell, a coin that is forked constitutes a disruption in the compatibility of the coin with its previous versions of the clients and blockchain supporting it i.e. the forked coin is totally different coin from the former which would mean we would be having another separate network making it two and a new coin instead of just one we would now be having two fulfilling the notion of it SnL TOKEN being decentralized.

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