Tradelize, the home of a professional trading terminal for cryptocurrencies, has successfully closed post-seed equity round valued at $13 million, backed by NGC Venture, Digital Strategies, Crypto Venture Capital, Consensus Labs, CoinW, NFV, JL Capital, 7 O'Clock Capital, Catcher VC, Mint Ventures, Cryptomeria Capital, Redline Capital, Kirin Fund.

Tony Gu, the founding partner of NGC Ventures, shared their excitement about investing in the company:

“As more and more institutional investors start trading cryptocurrencies, it is getting harder for average retail investors to beat the market. Tradelize provides an easy-to-use social trading interface that allows retail investors to be able to view, research, and, if interested, follow professional traders in an effortless way. The team behind Tradelize are successful serial entrepreneurs and experienced traders. NGC Ventures strongly believes in the Tradelize team’s vision in empowering retail investors and will support them long term.”

Tradelize plans to spend the investment on expanding the team from 20 to 30 employees in the next 12 months. The plans also include building DEX copy trading tools to make decentralized exchanges a part of the ecosystem and marketing and user acquisition, as the company’s previous growth was purely organic (more than 10,000 users to date).

Kris Li, the founder of Redline Capital, commented on the investment: “As a comprehensive investment capital founded by the top quantitative team as the core from China, we realize that the current digital asset trading terminals on the market generally have the weakness of a single functionality, poor user experience and high ordinary user threshold. Tradelize's professional team has been devoted to research and development for many years, creating a credible and convenient social trading platform and ecology based on big data and meeting the trading needs of ordinary users and professional institutions. Redline Capital are very happy to support them, and the end-user-oriented products will help Tradelize to be a unicorn in the future.”

The trading platform is also working on building the infrastructure for the token implementation, with future updates expected later this year.

Tradelize’s chief operating officer Vitalis Elkins, shares:

"We want to ensure that the token will have very clear utility and bring real value for our users, avoiding speculative intents. At the moment, vital parts of our products are centralized, so it requires complicated and creative technical solutions to make the token part of the Tradelize Ecosystem."

Tradelize’s ambitious plans include building a single gateway for crypto trading that unites decentralized and centralized exchanges — all while bringing together spot trading and contracts for difference in one place. The company wants to make crypto trading social, cultivating a system that is based on reputation and trust and injecting legitimacy into this flourishing space.

About Tradelize

Tradelize was founded in 2018 by a former Wall Street trader Anton Zapolskyi as a professional cryptocurrency trading terminal for advanced traders (aka Bloomberg for crypto). Tradelize was 100% bootstrapped with $2.5 million invested in product development.

Anton says, "We've gone a long way from Professional Trading Terminal to Social Platform and Ecosystem that we have now. Over the past three years, we've focused mostly on the technical side, making sure that our products are fast, safe, and secure. Now, when we ensure that our copy trading engine has almost reached the maximum capacity of exchanges' APIs, we are ready to focus more on UI and user growth".

In 2021, Tradelize reached $140 million in trading volume. During the Social Platform soft launch phase, Tradelize users copied more than 200,000 trades with more than 10,000 published posts.