The Netherlands-based blockchain company SocialBlox continues to make great progress behind the scenes toward its ambitious goal of shaking up the world of social media. By integrating blockchain technology, to set challenges for other users for tokens, SocialBlox is sparking a true revolution. Development of the SocialBlox platform has been progressing steadily, and the team has decided that now is the time to enter the next phase.

What is SocialBlox? 

This social media company that partially runs on the blockchain describes itself as an all-in-one social media platform where the use of blockchain technology brings new options to interact with other users. One of the biggest problems users face with current social media platforms is the vulnerability of their privacy. Many times, these users are simply seen as the product by traditional social media companies. These companies simply sell privacy-sensitive user data to the highest bidder. SocialBlox takes a completely different approach in all possible ways. 

One of the core features of SocialBlox’s social media platform is its so-called challenges. By using smart contracts technology, users can challenge other users in a playful way — for example, by winning a tennis match, doing pushups or playing a video game. The possibilities are endless. By taking part in such challenges, users can earn SocialBlox (SBLX). That means SocialBlox is also a play-to-earn platform. In addition, many other features will be added to the platform. Examples are the so-called “reversed marketplace,” and of course, SocialBlox will make it possible for users to trade nonfungible tokens (NFTs). 

At the beginning of February, the beta phase of the SocialBlox platform was launched. From that moment on, it became possible for a limited number of users to experience the features of SocialBlox on the mobile app. This meant that the first challenges were also done by users. In short, there is a working product that is already widely used. Many crypto projects today only make promises and plans for the future, but SocialBlox has put deeds into action from day one. The beta phase is running smoothly, all functionalities are running properly, and a live launch is not far away anymore.

Mystery box NFTs 

SocialBlox has recently announced the launch of its own NFTs. Obviously, a blockchain social media platform is not complete without NFT integration. It is therefore not entirely a surprise that SocialBlox is also coming out with their own NFT collection. A total of 5,000 NFTs will go on sale, of which 1,000 are already being sold in a mystery box. These mystery box NFTs can be bought on the SocialBlox website.

Not only are these SocialBlox NFTs unique collector items, but they also provide the owner with certain privileges. For example, NFT owners will get access to exclusive SocialBlox events in the future, and they will be able to help govern the SocialBlox platform. Even more benefits will be announced in the near future. 

SBLX on Uniswap 

Until recently, SBLX was available exclusively on the Dutch crypto broker Knaken. The team at SocialBlox is really excited to announce that, as of today, the pre-sale has come to an end, and SBLX is freely tradable. As a result, the SBLX ERC-20-protocol token has been added to Uniswap and is available for sale to everyone. Even though the pre-sale has ended, it’s still incredibly early to get on board. Interest around the metaverse and Web3 is only just gaining steam. 

Find the trading pair here

The future looks bright for SocialBlox as the next phase of development begins. Impressive partnerships are being formed at this very moment, and it won’t be long until SBLX is listed on other major cryptocurrency exchanges. Participating in the blockchain revolution of the social media world has never been easier. 

More information about SocialBlox can be found on the completely redesigned website

Also, become part of the SocialBlox community by taking a look at SocialBlox’s Telegram channel.