Today we are happy to announce the launch of Sociogram. The first social network with a focus on decentralization and security. 

Sociogram respects the basic human right of freedom of speech. With the help of decentralized protocols, it allows you to return this right that traditional social networks have stripped you of.

We also stand for: 

  • Freedom of choice and freedom of sharing.
  • The right of users to own their content and dispose of it, including selling or buying directly from other users if needed.
  • Self-regulation of content, which means that users can act as moderators and decide the fate of any questionable content. 

What it is

With Sociogram, you can communicate, create, share your content and search for users with similar interests. It is a perfect match for those who want to produce and distribute their visual or text content freely and be able to express any opinion without restrictive algorithms or shadow bans. 

Sociogram does not own user-generated content, which removes the possibility of editing, deleting or banning user-generated content, as the platform has no right to do so.

Sociogram is based on Web3 principles, and freedom of speech and uses blockchain technology to store the content in the ERC1155 token standard, which allows users to own the content they’ve created, unlike mainstream social networks. In traditional social networks, users transfer content ownership rights to the platform after publication.

Why we built it

We believe that online privacy is of key importance now, and everyone has the right to keep their data secret. With Sociogram, you don’t have to worry about data leaks.

Like everyone else, we are fed up with targeted ads. Actually, we see it as personal boundary violations. We aim to protect your personal data from marketers, advertisers and scammers while encouraging open communication. 

No ads, no content curation, no personal data collecting, no data resale. 

With Sociogram, it is impossible to collect data for subsequent use for any kind of manipulation, like the one we’ve seen with the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

We stand against the imposition of any content and blatant mind control. There are no hidden algorithms, no censorship or any kind of content manipulation on Sociogram. Any content imposition or shadow bans are nonexistent. Sociogram shows the content of your subscriptions in chronological order without any curation algorithms.

Why it’s secure

Sociogram is built with an emphasis on decentralization and gradually applies decentralized blockchain protocols without affecting the user experience.

Sociogram is a more secure social network compared to mainstream ones, as it is based on blockchain technology and doesn’t store any personal data. What Sociogram stores are usernames and public account addresses. Your profile assets are also safe, as Sociogram doesn’t have any access to them.

The only authorization method is via Web3. It lets you log in quickly and easily, without disclosing personal information sensitive to a data breach, like your email or phone number.  You are not forced to use your real name either — you can choose any username you want.

As Sociogram is based on the principles of freedom of speech and privacy, we stick to the General Data Protection Regulation requirements so we neither use your data for targeted ads nor disclose it to third parties. You can learn more about Sociogram security here.


To ensure maximum security, chats in messenger are always protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and your contact can read them. Encryption and decryption keys are individual for each user, which increases the level of communication security. 

We are creating a new reality where personal data is always personal.

There are three levels of security that you can choose from in security settings:

  • Light
  • Medium (set as default)
  • Advanced.

We're holding a Web3 meme contest now with a $15,000+ prize. The results will be on October 14. More info on our website.