United Arab Emirates, April 18, 2022 — FaniTrade is delighted to move ahead with its roadmap and continue its mission of becoming the most holistic decentralized finance (DeFi) platform ever. The company is increasing its operations by simultaneously launching five decentralized applications (DApps). 

Centralized services meet decentralization

FaniTrade now offers a range of different DApps and products that are normally a domain of the centralized world. Each application is user-friendly and created in a manner that makes it easy to use but at the same time has all the functionalities that a power user needs.


One of the best methods to convert idle assets into an income stream, FaniEarn offers long-term crypto holders an excellent means to generate profits without much effort. Currently, FANI tokenholders can stake their tokens in either a 29% APR and 90-day lockup period — with rewards distributed monthly — or a 20% APR with no lockup. 

With a generous profit percentage and a larger-than-normal stake limit of 100,000 FANI, FaniEarn can be a viable alternate solution by simply holding assets.


FaniTrax brings crypto derivatives to the DeFi world. Generally offered by traditional brokers, even in a crypto environment, FaniTrax is a simple derivative trading DApp. It allows traders to predict prices of supported cryptos and stake FaniTrade’s native FANI token. 


Gamifying the crypto DeFi world and lottery, FaniLotto provides users with the opportunity to tempt Lady Luck. Powered by smart contracts and using the blockchain, lottery rounds on FaniLotto are transparent and free from human intervention and manipulation. It puts no limits on how many times users can play, with a large pool size and instant, automatic payouts.


A complete suite of blockchain tools, SDKs and APIs, FaniBox is a developmental service that the blockchain programming community can benefit from. It is a firm believer in open source and transparency and offers complete access to its library and resources for other developers to build applications on the platform. FaniBox has it all, whether it’s building protocols, token minting, hackathons or novice tutorials.


As the ultimate affiliate program, Faniliates allows a FaniTrade user to create a lifetime source of passive income using their network of friends and family. By inviting anyone through their referral links, they can get in on the action of new registrations. New traders can use any of the FaniTrade services such as swapping, staking, the lottery, minting or even buying nonfungible tokens, and the original referrer will get a commission from the proceeds.

About FaniTrade

Created to be the complete ecosystem of DeFi, FaniTrade fosters elements of gamification, networking and community engagement. Through its vast range of DApps and services, FaniTrade allows anyone to participate in the most financially successful endeavors.

With essential DeFi services already available, the new set of DApps means that FaniTrade users have more creative freedom while building a sound and secure financial future.

To learn more, visit the FaniTrade website.

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