Soldex continues to be recognized by the crypto thought leaders and the Solana community as one of the hottest newcomers to the Solana ecosystem in the second half of 2021.

Crypto research agency organization Gems Radar has selected the top projects on Solana  across decentralized exchanges (DEXs), launchpads, nonfungible token (NFT) collections, NFT marketplaces and gaming and we are proud to announce that Soldex was the exclusive selection for DEXs on Solana, demonstrating how the team has extended the earlier leadership of this key vertical with Solana’s native token SOLX token, building the mission’s critical infrastructure to help Solana become the layer-one platform of choice. 

Making the concept of AI trading more accessible in a decentralized setting can change the way people feel and think about cryptocurrencies. Crypto markets lend themselves well to automated trading solutions. However, the user must retain a degree of control and responsibility. With solutions like Soldex, users can seemingly have the best of both worlds, assuming that this A.I. trading solution can deliver good results.

AI trading uses artificial intelligence to trade crypto. Think of it as trading and relying on programs to make your trades automatically. AI trading saves you from manually identifying worthwhile trades. AI can also make automated trading easier via application programming interfaces (APIs) linked to major exchanges. Traders may choose indicators on which to base their decision-making on the program such as EMA and RSI and the periods that they want to use. In these settings, the AI will execute the transaction, and traders may backtest, modify and improve their settings. Over time, the performance of the AI improves as the data set available grows. 

Whether one wants to admit it or not, artificial intelligence is making its way into modern-day technology. Ranging from autonomous cars to AI crypto trading, the opportunities are endless. This is one exciting time to be alive as a technology enthusiast. Moreover, AI trading can make the concept of crypto trading more appealing and accessible. The markets are constantly searching for new liquidity and users, and using innovative technologies can make that shift happen over time.

SOLX second round of private sales is still ongoing, so register your interest and apply for an allocation by emailing Soldex team at