Handewitt, Germany, April 14, 2022 — After introducing the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), the German audit company is ready to make the product available on a large scale. It is aware of the massive success that decentralized finance (DeFi) is having but can’t ignore its security and stability threats.

The developing team plans to release this significant update by the end of April, and users will finally be able to get their hands on this innovative tool.

A new, exciting feature available for SolidProof users 

In order to detect faults, mistakes and inefficiencies in any DeFi project’s smart contract, SAAT uses pre-installed parameters. SolidProof’s skilled staff can accurately provide audit reports on time and transparently. 

As a result, SolidProof can examine extremely complicated smart contracts, thanks to its automated audits. Anyone familiar with smart contracts will quickly understand how challenging it can be to audit every one of them manually, which is why this feature attracts the market’s interest. 

After the automatic review, SolidProof auditors deliver an audit report to the development team. The severity of current vulnerabilities is evaluated in this delivery using three levels: critical, medium and low. 

The auditors then provide suggestions for resolving any remaining issues or inefficiencies in the system. They work with the project’s backers to resolve any flaws that have been discovered. In the end, the team produces the final audit report and a certificate proving that the project is safe for widespread usage. 

We expect to see SolidProof’s new tool at the end of the current month, promising an essential service for blockchain projects to detect hard-to-find issues. The system will play a key role in boosting DeFi projects’ safety and building trust with its customers. 

Other exciting news for SolidProof 

To understand the success of SolidProof, one can find it helpful to look at the project’s live tracker feature that the audit company introduced in November 2021. This counter shows more than 500 projects in SolidProof’s ecosystem, indicating that the group has a lifetime of experience going beyond 1,000 crypto projects.

Among the teams that decided to trust SolidProof are big names in the blockchain industry. Some of them include Cult DAO, Unicrypt, Kryxivia and Arker.

But that’s not all: The marketing business is expanding every week and adding new services to the SolidProof media kit, which is available on the company’s website. Furthermore, the team has begun to award a gold status accreditation to projects that follow the industry’s best practices on its website and Twitter.

Finally, SolidProof has decided to expand its business in the Asian market. The team wishes to introduce several tools to overcome language obstacles and raise the level of verification for Asian professionals and documents providing Know Your Customer (KYC) services.

About SolidProof

In order to protect DeFi investors, the German-based security company gives rising businesses the tools they need to find and fix any security gaps that may be exploited. Additionally, SolidProof provides KYC scanning services as part of its solution. Its job is to check clients’ transactional data to uncover fraud, money laundering or terrorist funding issues. 

For developers, the audit firm’s security solutions may be used to improve investor trust in SolidProof. Check out the social media accounts below to interact with the SolidProof community and learn more about how the business enhances the security of DeFi smart contracts.


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