Solv Protocol is pleased to announce that decentralized exchange Dodo, partner of Solv’s Seahorse Initiative, is set to release 100,000 Dodo vesting vouchers on July 28. This event also marks the grand opening of the “Solv vouchers” platform, where the offering will take place. 

On the day of release, 100,000 Dodo vouchers will be ready for purchase. For Dodo’s long-term supporters, this event will be a small token of appreciation (no pun intended) and an opportunity not to be missed, for the Dodo vouchers will be offered for an exclusive 50% discount, calculated based on the average market price over the 30-day period up to July 28, 2021. The whitelisting policy and purchase instructions are available here. Mark your calendars.

What is a voucher?

In the decentralized finance world, the term “voucher” specifically denotes a nonfungible token that represents or certifies financial equities. Solv vouchers are a type of voucher developed by Solv Protocol to express highly sophisticated fund allocations and to provide liquidity support toward DeFi projects and investors. Solv is dedicated to facilitating locked-up token user scenarios, product upgrades and liquidity management. 

Dodo vesting vouchers and Solv vouchers

As a project, Dodo is committed to building a community network where long-term followers of Dodo can freely interact and feel truly at home. That’s why Dodo is releasing 100,000 token-minted vouchers as a special offer to its long-term followers and supporters. The unlocking is scheduled for Sept. 29, 2021, and after that, a 24-month period of linear release (or “vesting”) will begin. The execution of Dodo’s unlocking will be ensured by Solv’s smart contract, and Dodo’s supporters may purchase vesting vouchers and obtain tokens later with the vouchers purchased beforehand. For liquidity, voucher holders may freely trade their vouchers on Solv, OpenSea or other NFT trading platforms as they please, and they may obtain collateralized loans using the vouchers they have on lending platforms such as NFTfi. 

The Dodo vesting voucher is groundbreaking because it is now easier for retail investors to obtain locked-up fund allocation as institutional investors do. Despite its feasibility, locked-up allocation traditionally “locks up” investors in a long-term financial contract that can be costly to get out of. Because of this, a close-knit project-user relationship has been nothing short of a mirage. Solv vouchers are a useful tool designed to tackle the said barrier to entry head-on and to truly liberate users from getting locked up in the deal they no longer wish to be in. 

Through the distribution of Solv vouchers, DeFi projects can now build an even stronger and more close-knit relationship with their users. Projects such as Ruler Protocol, Saffron Finance, Impossible Finance and Yield Guild Games have jumpstarted their community-building agendas, all of which revolve around Solv vouchers. 

Diane Dai, the co-founder of Dodo, expressed her optimism:

“I’m very pleased to see what Solv has accomplished in the area of financial NFTs as a service. Solv has been working hard on making sure that managing and trading vesting tokens are a stress-free experience. It is also excellent at creating an open and transparent market for token derivatives, which is a huge part of what keeps the cost of token management low and the liquidity high.”

About Solv’s Seahorse Initiative

The Seahorse Initiative is an open community project initiated by Solv vouchers to develop the potential of vouchers as a financial NFT in the crypto world for forward-thinking teams and projects. 

The Seahorse Initiative’s application remains open. For project leaders interested in being a part of the Seahorse Initiative, please fill out this form. Once it’s received, our team will reach out to you. 

Incentives for participants of the voucher program

Solv provides incentives to participants in the first phase of the voucher program. Projects that mint, issue, auction and trade Solv Vouchers are all eligible for Solv’s incentives. So far, Solv has partnered with projects including Dodo, NAOS Finance, Saffron Finance, Parsiq, Bounce, mStable, Impossible Finance, Ankr, XCarnival and more. You can find more details here.

About Solv

Solv is a DeFi platform for creating, managing and trading vouchers as NFTs. Through its original vNFT (versatile nonfungible token) token standard, Solv vouchers transform locked-up vesting tokens into vouchers which provides liquidity to holders by making it compatible as an NFT, subject to trade and barter on secondary platforms such as OpenSea. 

In March 2021, Solv Protocol completed a million-dollar seed round.

On May 1, 2021, Solv Protocol transferred SOLV vesting vouchers to all seed round investors. 

On June 17, 2021, Solv vouchers were officially launched on the Ethereum mainnet.

On June 30, 2021, Solv vouchers’ Seahorse Initiative officially kicked off.

On July 15, 2021, Solv vouchers v2.1 was live.

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